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Colette's Research Help

Welcome! Come on in!
Take a break from those dark rooms and do some of your genealogy research while visiting my page. Here you will find records that you can view while relaxing, FREE OF CHARGE. These records were taken from entries I found while doing research. They do not include all entries for that record, but who knows, they may include someone you are looking for. So sit back and relax while you do some of your research away from those dark musty rooms. If you don't find what you need, don't forget to check out the "Document Search and Copying Service" section! You will find many NEW ITEMS and NEW LOWER FEES!
Records You Can View
PLEASE NOTE: NAMES ON THE "RECORDS" PAGES ARE DIFFERENT THAN NAMES ON THE "INDEX" PAGES, SO PLEASE CHECK BOTH. ILLINOIS Births - Saline Co., IL MICHIGAN Birth Index - St. Clair Co., MI Updated 10 June 1998 Birth Records - St. Clair Co., MI Updated 13 Jan 1998 Death Index - St. Clair Co., MI Updated 11 Sep 1997 Death Records - St. Clair Co., MI Updated 10 June 1998 Deed Index - St. Clair Co., MI Updated 10 Jun 1998 Marriage Index - St. Clair Co., MI Updated 11 Sep 1997 Marriages - St. Clair Co., MI Updated 10 Jun 1998 Newspaper - St. Clair Co., MI This section is still under construction. Please check back another time to view the information that I will be putting online.
Didn't find what you need?
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Document Search and Copying Service
SORRY!! This service has been canceled temporarily.
Due to a busy schedule I have not been making any trips to do my personal research. When I resume my research trips I will again offer this service. Sorry I can't be of help. This is a search and copy service for people who know what they want to search for but don't have access to the records. I have access to many St. Clair County, MI records and some other Michigan locations. I can search these records for you and send you copies of what I find for a small fee. Fees are between 50 cents and $3.00. Some things cannot be photocopied, in that case I will hand copy the information. Click on a category below for a list of the records I can access for you. St. Clair Co., MI Records - List & Fees Michigan Census & Index - List & Fees Books I Can Search - List & Fees
How To Order
Please send your order along with your payment and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Orders may be sent to:
Colette Steele, 6250 Cribbins Road, Jeddo, MI 48032
All orders must include a S.A.S.E. and payment. Please note, as in all genealogical research, there are no guarantees that the person you are looking for will be found. Please be as specific as possible in your orders including variations in spelling, to increase the chances that I can help you find that missing information.
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