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My name is Rennie and I am part Cherokee Indian. Yes this is the same site, just a different name! I have decided to merge my different companies all to one location. Now, besides finding my handcrafted decorations, you can also find great used school books for sale, and even shop at one of the largest cyber malls(coming soon) with great discount prices! This site will be changing quite a lot in the next few months, so keep checking back!

Now, I enjoy making Indian Decorations in my spare time. There are some pictures of my work in the links on the left of this. I try to use all natural materials and make everything as authentic as possible! I do all my own wood carving's and paintings on them. The arrow heads are real artifacts, mostly made of flint rock. I use real leather strappings that I cut myself and all the fur is real animal fur, not artificial! I bend all the wood myself and use only natural raw hides!

You can order any of these unless marked differently! Of course since these are handmade, each one will be slightly different and original! You can have your own choices as to your color schemes, just let me know ahead of time and it may take just a little longer to make!!!

Just click on the links on the left and you will see some of my work! Also,please sign my guest book! E-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions and I'll try to answer you as soon as I can! Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy it!


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