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BabyLUVSYa53's Poems, Page 1


Friends I am told are people that care
They are the ones that will always be there.
But lately I found
the ones that say they are friends
will be the ones that let you down
when your in need
there no where to be found.
When your smile is gone
and your tears are flowing
the ones who said they are a friend
well they don't even know ya.
When the crisis has past
and your tears stop flowing
then they come back
and say sorry i didn't know it.

1/10/00 by Babyluvsya


The room is full
yet no ones there
you sit alone in your chair
You stare at the screen
as words fly by
you want to laught
but your gonna cry
The room is full
but theres no one there
you sit alone
and at the screen you stare
where have they all gone
your friends who care
The room is full
but no ones there
where have they gone
why don't they care
The room is full
but no ones there

1/15/00 by Babyluvsya

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