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Raven Ridge Naturals®

Soap and Bath Products

Handcrafted in Port Orchard, Washington ~ "Feel the Difference

Are you like me? Do you have problems with your skin when you use "bath and beauty bars" or other "skin cleansers"?

You know the ones...
they promise soft, silky, and youthful-looking skin...
they promise moisturizing benefits...
and then they strip away all your natural oils with chemicals and additives, leaving your skin dry and flaky

Now here's the good news....

There are alternatives to those harsh, detergent-based, chemically-laden products

Welcome to Raven Ridge Naturals®

I create soaps and bath products by the "Cold Process" soapmaking method using vegetable oils such as Olive, Soy, Coconut, and Palm, along with other skin-nourishing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. In addition, some contain herbs and grains for natural exfoliation and mineral pigments for color (no synthetic dyes are used). The cleansing and creamy lather will leave your skin feeling soft and silky, unlike those harsh commercially-produced bars and cleansers, and will provide nurturing for your skin while enveloping your senses with both Essential and Fragrance Oils.

Created in small batches to insure quality control, once crafted, poured, and allowed to set up for 24 hours, the soap logs are then removed from their wooden molds and cut into bars, each bar weighing between four and five generous ounces (after curing they will weigh slightly less due to evaporation).

The bars will remain on drying racks for a minimum of four weeks to "cure", which completes the saponification process and assures a more durable product. Once cured their edges are beveled and the bars are wrapped in environmentally-friendly papers for shipment.

As always, all Raven Ridge Naturals® products are tested only on humans (including myself), and NEVER on our animal friends...and you won't need a degree in chemistry to recognize the ingredients

* Note -- New Price Changes Now in Effect

Unfortunately for all of us, oils are commodities sold on the open market, and as such are subject to the volatility of supply and demand. The price of olive and other oils have increased dramatically, with olive oil more than doubling over the last year. (And you thought it was only the price of crude oil, right?)

As a result, I've considered eliminating olive oil from my recipe, but I can't bring myself to sacrifice the quality it imparts to the soap. That being said, it becomes a choice of either offering a smaller-sized bar at the original cost or keeping the original size and raising the price.

Over the years, clients have given me a lot of feedback, and one of the things they always mention is that other bars feel too "skinny" in their hand...they like the more ample size. So I'm choosing to raise the price instead of lowering the bar, so to speak, to $6.00.

As an offset to the price increase, I am offering a flat rate for shipping...the cost will now be $8.00 per order (maximum of ten bars). Since soap is heavy, the more bars ordered the more the savings on mailing costs. In addition, I will only be shipping by US Mail from now on...and as before, I am unable to ship to Canada or other international addresses.

Thank you for both your business and understanding...these changes are necessary if I am to continue to offer the highest quality of products and customer service.

~ Retail Price List ~

All Soaps - $6.00 each+ S&H

Shipping/Handling to be paid by customer at the flat rate of $8.00 per order
(insurance and tracking are available for an additional fee)
All products shipped by USPS

Please submit your Tax ID or Resale Number for Wholesale Price List

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