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A Family From Forfar
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The story of the descendants and relatives of the Dalgity-Scott family that settled in New Scotland (Nova Scotia) from the village of Forfar, Angus, in the Eastern Highlands of Scotland, continues to be written. Telling of a family that extends to the tenth generation to live in North America, the first chapters of that story are available, as writing and research progresses.

A Family From Forfar
Serg. David Scott
Jeannie Dalgity
Introduction - The years before 1795
Chapter 1 - The First Generation
Chapter 2 - The Second Generation
Chapter 2.1 Try, Try, Try Again

Chapter 3 - The Third Generation
Chapter 4.1 - The Fourth Generation (1st, 2nd and 3rd Boston Line)
Chapter 4.2 - The Fourth Generation (1st and 2nd Canada Line)
Chapter 4.3 - The Fourth Generation (1st, 2nd and 3rd Pittsburgh Line)
Chapter 4.4 - The Fourth Generation (Illinois Line)
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