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HomePort is pleased to provide information related to the descendants of Richard Smith (1759-1835) and Catherine Marwood of Harome, North Yorkshire, England.

Isaac Smith (1795-1871) their son, was the architect of several historic structures on Prince Edward Island including Government House (Fanningbank) in 1833-34  and Province House in 1847. He was also directly involved as a master builder on both these projects. Government House continues to be the official residence of PEI's lieutenant governor.

Government House (Fanningbank)

Isaac Smith (1795-1871) of Prince Edward Island
Isaac Smith, his bride Jane, along his brother Henry and their relatives (the Christopher Smith IV family), travelled to PEI, aboard the brigantine Valiant, in 1817.  A passenger list of the voyage was compiled many years afterwards.  Songwriter/historian Allan Rankin commemorated the 150th  anniversary of the voyage through song with New Branches on the Tree the title track on the CD of the same name.


Province House serves as the Legislative Assembly of the Province and because of the role the building played in hosting the 1864 meeting of British Colonies that eventually led to Canadian confederation -  the Charlottetown Conference having earned Charlottetown the title "Birthplace of Confederation" and Province House designation as a National Historic Site of Canada. 

The Point Prim Light House was designed by Isaac in 1846 and was the first light house built on Prince Edward Island.  Of brick construction it is one of the few round lighthouses in Canada. A stone house Isaac designed in North Wiltshire,  P.E.I. remains one of the few houses on P.E.I., constructed with "Island stone".

Isaac Smith was an active Methodist layman. He eventually devoted himself to the service of the British & Foreign Bible Society now known as the Canadian Bible Society and travelled extensively in the Maritimes as their agent. A brief biography of Isaac Smith by Margaret Crawford Smith called A Great Builder published in 1999, has been donated to HomePort.

The Builder: Isaac Smith & Early Island Architecture
by Marianne Morrow is also an excellent resource.
Province House, Charlottetown
The interior of the Legislative Chamber.   
 Legislative Assemby

Information on other descendents of Christopher Smith I, of Harome, include Descendants of Christopher Smith IV (c1783-1837) and Deborah Foster (c1787-1863) compiled by William M. Smith.  

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