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HomePort is pleased to provide information related to the descendants of David Morgan Rogers who was born in 1739, probably in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Five grandsons and a granddaughter of David, settled in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick between 1818 and 1839 with branches of the family developing from these original settlers. David, Benjamin, Joseph, Johan and Daniel Richard, and their sister Frances (Rogers) Reese formed the pioneer family lines.

The Descendants of David Morgan Rogers is an on-line genealogy by Dan MacDonald, Moncton, NB.

A Rogers Family Chronicle - Emigration from Wales - Settlement in Canada - Dispersal by Evan Benjamin Rogers in collaboration with Claudia Hester Rogers, was privately published in 1991 and tells the story of the family, dividing the chapters by the six tribes, as he calls them after the founders.

Tribe of David
Hon. Norman McLeod Rogers - A Tribute, published in The United Churchman, tells of a grandson of William Henry Rogers (c1821-1894), who was also politically active. Norman McLeod Rogers was a Rhodes Scholar and professor at Acadia and Queens Universities before his appointment as the Canadian Minister of National Defence during WW II.

He was the Private Secretary to Prime Minister Mackenzie King, from 1927 to 1929 and wrote a biography of Mackenzie King.

His mother, Grace Dean McLeod, a published author, was the first Canadian woman to seek election to provincial legislature in 1920. An early advocate of Women's rights; she was the first woman appointed to the Board of Governors of Acadia University, and the first woman appointed to the Nova Scotia Historical Society.

Tribe of Joseph

Hon. Benjamin Rogers (1837-1923), son of Joseph Rogers Sr. and Margaret James, was born in Bedeque, PEI and served as the twenty-second Lieutenant Governor of the province after a lengthy political and business career.

William Keir Rogers (1868-1937), son of Joseph Rogers Jr. and Rebecca Burrows, was a PEI entrepreneur who became the largest breeder of silver foxes prior to the decline of the fur markets. He operated WK Rogers Agencies which sold insurance and made the transition into travel. He is credited as having established the first, full service travel agency in PEI. He was known as "Good Roads Rogers" for his efforts to remove the ban on automobiles on PEI, which he successfully achieved in 1919.

Keith Sinclair Rogers (1892-1954) son of William Keir Rogers and Margaret Sinclair, he was a pioneer broadcaster who founded radion station CFCY in Charlottetown.  He was posthumously inducted into the Canadian CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame in 1982, and into the PEI Business Hall of Fame in 2001.

William Keith Rogers (b. 1921), Canadian composer and pianist, is the son of Keith Sinclair Rogers and Flora Smith.

Betty Rogers Large (1913-1990), was a broadcaster who began as a teenager in her father's radio station CFCY. She was broadcasting in her 70's on an occasional basis, giving her one of the longest records for radio broadcasting in Canada. She was the author of Out of Thin Air, a history of broadcasting on PEI which is available in pdf format through the link.

The authoritative book on Charlottetown's historic architecture by the late, Irene L. Rogers, has played a great role in heritage preservation.

Tribe of Joseph (through father) - Tribe of David (through mother)

William Wendell Rogers, (1896-1967) a WW I Ace joined the Royal Flying Corps in December 1916. Posted to 1 Squadron in 1917, he scored nine victories flying Nieuport scouts. Scoring his seventh victory on the afternoon of 12 December 1917, he shot down a Gotha bomber north of Frelinghien.

Rogers Family Genforum, Rogers at RootsWeb, and the Rogers Surname List are all research tools.

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