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With a group of fellow settlers from Newport, Rhode Island, Margaret and James with sons James Jr., Archibald and daughter Margaret sailed during May 1760 on the sloop Sally to settle Newport, Nova Scotia and to take up land grants on the former Acadian lands in the Avondale part of Newport township. A nephew of James, son of his brother Andrew, young John Harvie joined them. Shortly after arriving in Nova Scotia Margaret Harvie the wife of James died, in her 40's.

A genealogy of many of their descendants From Old Scotia to New Scotia: A Family of Harveys, was first written by Rev. Dr. McLeod Harvey of Washington D.C., about 1945 and was further researched by John V. Duncanson for Newport, Nova Scotia: A Rhode Island Township in 1985.

At the same time Leland H. Harvie had taken up the challenge to record other branches of the family and published his research in a 311 page book in 1984 called The Harvie/Harvey Family of Hants Co. Nova Scotia. He has since developed the research into a web-based genealogy which tracks over seven generations recording 2364 individual names.

A genealogy by Ruth Davison follows a branch of this family being the descendants of Andrew Harvie.

Letters from 1762 to 1819 written by Harvie relatives in Ayrshire Scotland, to family members in Nova Scotia have survived. They were first published by Rev. Dr. McLeod Harvey in his book, and are now available thanks to the efforts of J. G. Raymond, Brisbane, Australia.

The Harvey Family is an excellent resource as is the Harvie/Harvey Family of Hants Co. NS

Hubert Harvey Miller, a graduate of Acadia University in 1930 after receiving his MA from the
University of Toronto, embarked on a teaching career in Windsor, N.S. His talent as an artist was shared with friends through his hand-drawn Christmas cards each year. Two cards are now available through the Canadian Virtual War Memorial site.

Hubert while serving in the airforce during WW II, died in 1942 at the age of 31.  His memory was commemorated in
1953, through Tribute to a Friend written by a relative and college friend Rev. John Redford Scott, and by the addition in 2001 of family pictures, and his art to the Canadian Virtual War Memorial entry on Hubert Harvey Miller.

Hubert Harvey Miller

Harvey Family Genforum , Harvey at RootsWeb, and the Harvey Surname List are all research tools.

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