All of the Van der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammill solo albums up to 1978 were recorded (or mixed) at the studios below. Click on the underline link for a studio tour: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Trident Studios, London W1 England

Aerosol Grey Machine (Recorded July 31 1969 and August 1 1969)
*also January 1969 at marquee studios london
The Least We Can do Is Wave To Each Other (Recorded December 1969)
H To He
Pawn Hearts (Recorded)
Fool's Mate (Recorded April 1971)
Chameleon (Mixed)
In Camera (Overdubbed and mixed)
Nadir's Big Chance (Mixed)

Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Gwent, Wales, UK

Chameleon (Recorded Sofa Sound Sussex and Rockfield Feb and March 1973)
Nadir's Big Chance (Recorded) Dec 1-7 1974
Godbluff (Recorded and mixed )
Still Life (Recorded and Mixed June 9-29 1975 and Jan 12-25 1976)
World Record (Recorded and Mixed Rockfield 1 and 2; May 10-30 1976)
Quiet Zone (several studios including Rockfield and Foel)
Over (Mixed July 5-14 1976)
The Future Now (Mixed April 27 to May 3 1978)
pH7 (Mixed)

Foel Studios, Welshpool, Wales, UK

Over (Recorded and partially dubbed June 27-July 4 1976)
Quiet Zone (recordings)

Over: From a January 1977 Interview with Peter Hammill "Over was recorded at Foel Studios, living with Guy and Nic Potter down there, in this strange little bungalow" and on the last day of recording after everyone had gone, the studio got struck by lightning! ha ha. And Dave (Dave Anderson) the guy who engineered it, was a bit dubious, Thor and that, cause he knew it was a heavy album, but there was lightning literally a yard away from me."

Crescent Studios, Bath, England

(renamed as Terra Incognita, it is now known as Inner State Studio.)

Enter K (Mixed)
In A Foreign Town (Mixed)
Out of Water (Mixed)

Spaceward Studios

The Long Hello 3 (David Jackson) _______________________________________________________