Site Updates:

1970 Peter Hammill Interview. The earliest Radio Interview that I've found: BBC October 12th 1970 (Broadcast October 24th) MP3 (If anyone needs "Killer" that followed, let me know.

Added the set for RTL Paris Broadcast Nov 20th, 1973 to the radio sessions page

Juicy Lucy 1970 with Keith Ellis on bass. Beat Club Jan 30 1970. video

Peter Hammill with Graham Smith- The Bottom Line NYC February 1979 10 Photos

David Jackson sighting: Thursday Jan 18th 2018 video

Sweden set updates for Nov 25th, 2017 - 2 sets, including
"A Song To Fallen Blossoms"

Peter sings 2 songs on the new cd by Notopia : Celebrate . and Connect

John Peel's record box video this link will be relocated to the 'john peel' part of the 'radio sessions' page

Set list wanted:

Erez from Israel is looking for the set list for the May 11th 1996 solo concert by ph, the first of 2 nights at Suzanne Dellal in Tel Aviv. Please e-mail if you can help, Thanks.