Time is a thief.

At some times I've got to get away, if just to get a break from the play...
And I thought for the last time I'd touched your hand
Once on a time we were sincere

The time of the past returns to my life
and when your mother knew that her time had come

There's a house with no roof, so the rain creeps in, falling through my head as I try to think out time.

there's not much point in words if there's no-one to share in time.
There's a house with no door and there's no living there: one day it became a wall...well I didn't really care at the time.
now nothing is revealed but time

How good the time was and how I laughed.
Well now where is the time and who the hell am I,
I am now quite alone, part of a vacant time-zone,

There's no time, make up your mind!
Now at every time we meet
Time goes fast, It doesn't matter, with you, I'm happy.
I feel as though I had died some time ago:
The birds don't know if it's time yet to fly;
I never wrote poems when I bit my knuckles and Death started slipping into my mouth... but that was really a long time ago,

Time may finally prove only the living move her and no life lies in the quicksand.
Mind and machinery box-press the dreams.
But there still is time....
No time now for contrition, the time for that's long past,
I know that there's no time I know that there's no rhyme

and you don't appreciate the good times until you're in the bad

Time was when I read your cards
Yes, it's time to resign with equanimity and placidity from the game
Now is the time for the commission to report
Now is the time to make my status clear
Every time a subtle twist.

Now time is like cat's cradle in my hands:
The only time I seem to see you is on the TV
I might have dropped you a line if I'd had time
Time sets around us in killing frames
Time ever moves more slowly
The room and I agree to buy some time....

In my room, the secret tomb, I can see future forms, space/time storms

Time is a thief, and he ravages our gardens
Time, alone, shall murder all the flowers
Still, there's time to share our plots and all that we call 'ours'.
got to shut you out, no time to crave your pardon now".
In the time allotted us, can any man keep miserly his own?
Surely now its time to open up each life to all

And the gold turns to red with no time for changes.
Red Shift, displaced now in time and relativity

Time locked in negative matter
And time moves on with no time
I only live in one room at a time
Time has come between us
far off in time and space.
Time and distance are between us now
time and distance make a love secure.

There is a time set in the calendar when all reason seems barely enough to sustain all the shooting stars: times are rough.
then she threw me out on my ear before I'd even had time to take a bow.

But there's time in the end for us all to get wise
I've got something to ask, and I know that now's the time
'It's very strange to be going through this change with no idea of what it's all been about except in the context of time....'
There may not be time for us all to run in tandem together
and yet you still have time,

How long the time seems, how dark the shadow
in time the whole raw world will pace these same steps
make reason of the sensory whorl if I only had time
In the chorus of the night-time I belong
unravel all the mysteries of mind, if I only had time
but soon my time is ended.

Are we ever going to get this act together on time?
In time we shall all know our goals and so, finally, home
I've been waiting for such a long time
The time has come, the tide has almost run
It seems such a long time I've dreamed
At the time, it seemed a reasonable course to harness all the force of life without the threat of death

Ultimately passing away time which no longer has any meaning
defying death and time when everything we had is gone?
I know that I cannot deny that I have wasted time
Dreams, hopes and promises, fragments out of time

There was a time when more was felt than known
It seems as though time must betray us yet we're alive
and though, in time, the sea may claim us for its own we are the rocks which root the future - on us it grows.
Time and Space hang heavy on my shoulders...
There's a time for all pilgrims, and a time for the fakers too,
there's a time when we all will stand alone and nude, naked to the galaxies

You may have passed time in happier ways, but there are other mountains to climb:
you've never lived as you're living today - now is the time!
Is it now time to make a choice?
our children amaze me all the time
the time has gone so fast and so have my dreams.
this autumn-time, this walk upon the water....
The first time that we met I said 'I bet that she's the one'

As time went by our steps entwined
It all seemed so important at the time
Time heals
It's about time I tried
now I don't know what I did with all the time
she thinks it's maybe time he ought to go.
Frozen moment, cold blood time
he wants to be open, but the time is not yet.
every time I flash on that look in your eyes

and time will smash every theory I devise.
In the darkroom I am a dealer in space and time....
holding time on the stop-clock,
"It's just the time, so slow to pass.
Sometime in the future you may realise that the day you made your decision to follow money as a goal was you darkest dawn
If you wanna be a viable artist when you're twenty-five you'd better be a meat-head by the time you're twenty-one."
but the sea of time is a rising flood

and the hands of time are bunched into fists
Every time that I go to turn the pages of the calendar
sometimes I really believe I'm going crazy.
One thing I've not got a lot of is time
I know that all this time I've kept you guessing,

there is no timeless truth
Come in Rhodesia, South Africa, your time is up...
In my time I've told a lie or two,
You're my favourite of all time.

I never did say, I never quite found time
He deserved more time

Shelters time-scarred tempest - marred undermined of old.
In the battle of time we're all soldiers too
Most of the things we say mean we most of the time
Sometimes I don't know why I bother
unpick the stitches of time in London in the no-go zone.

Dance the dance till show time
Dance the dance in slow time
danced the dance, I'll be back here with me in no time.
a time of blunt instruments.
It seemed the time was for action,
Sometimes things work out so strangely oh come in, come in number one: your time's nearly run.

Softly, the angels sing their time and space refrain
there'll be no break-time for them unless
waiting for the breakthrough in time.
waiting for the breakthrough with time on our hands.
It's there all the time.
Time after time it's been my experience
is this Paradise lost, or Paradise time after time?
This is no time to hesitate
Time - there's so little time to do anything that's not useless...

it's no time to look for another road;
This time we made our getaway
We can talk about it in the car, surely we can talk about it some other time.
Keep on shuffling the menu and the order never comes on time.
Craving a certain indulgence - would you give it? Would you give it in time?
Jumping shells, the electrons will dance like dusk-time fireflies.
Each time we're so close I assume
In the hot-house there's a magic potion, timeless motion....
Time and again style goes out of fashion;

time and again, time's unforgiving
further up the line someone's shouting down the passage of time.
What's to believe, when the time is right now?
I don't know what to make of the dream-time:
the dream and the unconscious eye, in real time.
Hit that button, no time to lose
When he's drinking in the cafe on the corner there's no sense of time

Now we only talk as though time were heavy weather
You made the Mount of Venus your Jerusalem, you're marking time as symbol for debate
There comes a time to hesitate
Between sensation at the nerve-ends and arrival of information at the cortex time elapses.
So, you see, each time we touch we did so in the past.
Now, lover, slicing through time in a perfect curve
we are time-locked.
Some other time invades the sense, a moment caught and lost, second sight.
The esoteric, no time to think

Time to burn, we could talk all the problems through....
So much time wish- and hoping
No time for goodbyes will we ever start to learn?
no-one's really sure of how time flies
out of sync and out of time
There's no time for dull regrets

Given time we lead the lives we make.
The curve that we trace in time a shape of our own design.
you're so hot that he turns to tango every time you meet.
Times are hard and you find that you're in trouble but it's hard to sympathize.
on the prime time slot they shot the gift of talk turkey.
Here's a message from the future you don't have time to forget...
And if I get quite what I deserve that'll end the sentence, the time I've served
(I'm ready to go....)time that we spend planning in the end will matter not one whit.
Round and round in repetition of the flight from boredom into thrill and all the time we're waiting on the punchline,
Dark water dark fire down below... storm quarter time to dance out the mystery - no!
here's a change in the weather, Tsunami time -

As surely as the countdown begins our time is not our own
no, I'll never find a better time to be alive than now.
This is the life and we've only time to be alive right now.
you can take your time, there's no need to have a reservation here.
there's time left to kill, better start to see who you are.
it's time to pay up your bill.
Now the flame will soon be dowsed and time is running out,
It's time to send in clear
(Don't you ever say "Won't", when you know you'll pull through) I believe in time we'll all shine through..
(now's the time to) remember and let go.

Time for the unrehearsed entrance
Time to drink a cocktail of your own invention for pity's sake
all time's gone awry
all's buried under the leafstorm of time
as the distance is shimmered into timeless brightness now.
Timeless the day, absorbing every wavelength of the light.
here's the story: anyone can fall at any time at all.
And every time you call me I wait to hear what favour you require of me this time....
No sense of time, no sense of place, in case of senselessness he'll swear to her alone,

Fighting the light, there's not much time...
This is no time for you to stutter in dismay as frame by frame all your references unlock;
Time to get a grip, we're all mummers in a freak show,
Fighting the light, there's always time to stand and fight your decline...

Fighting the light, in tune with time... what future bright will be mine?
If we just close our eyes we'll be together in a little time...
Well times got hard and talk came cheap;
chasing after a thrill that'll take him out beyond all sense of time and place.

We are what we were born to be, we are what we become over time, under our own thumbs
Once upon a time the story: we won't go through these motions twice.
half of the time we're both talking through our hats
I thought that there'd be time and tide a-plenty to grow into a proper fatherhood
I'd wonder would this be the last time that you'd ever call me "Daddy"?

Absolute time will tell we're only over-wintering as guests in the Ice Hotel
all fighting over the legacy of a lifelong and timeless family feud in the name of I don't know what.
not for the first time I'm here in some disarray and returning in spades are the hands that I've played with the tools of the trade.
I've got time to buy and sell with the tools of the trade.
oh, we've got such limited time to go on and explain.
only time to wick up the gain
this the promise that we serve - we have time to kill
Would a time come to be silent?
trading primetime insults the imperial impulse extends across the screen.
If we had all the time in the world we might talk about how it used to be.

I know I'm cutting it fine, thinking that maybe it's time to cross the line.
Right now I'm biding my time;
Time for goodbyes to the audiences that adored me;
time to take that poison cup now your time is all used up.
Wading through time like it's treacle, her eyes looking into mine although she won't even notice me go.
In the meantime I pack her things up and get them ready to store; in between times I take a good look around..
Time to go.
Oh, I say lighten up, calm it down, time out for His Idiocy now.
Sometimes we're pulled up short, quite shockingly defenceless.
there's time for one more just before he goes. A quick glance at the watch and now it's time to head for home.
We're utterly dependent on our self-deluding sense of what we've done and what we'll do if we have time....
A time to think is now at a premium.
Inside it's white dot time

Each time you make a resolution
When the time comes I hope Iíll say
this is the moment I must stay my hand in mercy.
I must go outside and I might be some time.
And itís less by design than by random occurrence that you filled up your time
Iíd see your face on the street often times as I went on my day to day.
Was it only my imagination or were we once agreed, in full accord, that we would meet in time for reconciliation
Once upon a time you think youíll live forever -

our time starts now
your timeís been running out
And as I look across the stage the thought that first occurs is less that we have come of age and more that weíre preserved to pass our time in different shades of ignorant reserve.
Time and tide thatís enticed, none of that could change us.
and time comes apart at the seams
Heíll disappear, itís nearly time
Time to clear my head
Time to put on my bravest face
Itís time to take my place
time to wear with grace, my bravest face
When time runs out, we know we canít ask for any more.

So the last time that he saw her
It was the last time that theyíd meet
but the lightís gone down, time and tide is up
but no-one shows quite how useless the excuse is this time.
might not get out this time.
Canít turn about,
might not get out this time.
but this time one and one donít add up to two.
Outside the cone of light the timeís got warped
Not for the first time
Heís all alone this time.
might not get out this time.
So the last time that he saw her he didnít know quite where to look.

In the fullness of time, when itís all waxed and waned
This was the time, this was the chance to go
So very long ago, so far away, itís all time out of mind
In the fullness of time I can look back and say
but no timeís wasted when heís in Room 1210.
he paces out the waiting time.
Time and event disappear
Check the time and motion
Meeting and greeting, our time here is fleeting.
picked, the place and time to meet.
under time and tide Iíll be brought to book.
Time to square the circle,
time to dot the ďiĒs and cross the ďtĒs
time to keep on working
Time alone holds whatís in store.
Time to leave, close the door.
itís time to let go.

itís a relief when the time is spent
It was another time, another place
itís a relief now the time is spent
In another time Iíd reap such wild oats as Iíd sown.
of a limelight that burned out some time ago
Now heís counted out the time, heís fed out all the lines
In the nick of time, in a trick of light you let her go.
All the squandered time adrift, howíll you ever find her now?
Time will tell just how much is soft soap and how much hard sell.
You never know when time is running out.

To bring this full circle, a quote about "time" from the 1953 film 'Beat The Devil'

"Time. Time. What is time?
Swiss manufacture it.
French hoard it.
Italians squander it.
Americans say it is money.
Hindus say it does not exist.
Do you know what I say? I say time is a crook."