Peter Hammill and Van der Graaf Interviews

June 1978 Peter Interviewed by Austrian TV Video

1982 "Educating Peter" by Chris Shilling Link

Nov 1983 Vinyl Magazine text

1986 BBC South TV "Time Pieces" Video 1 , Video 2

Dec 1986 Greece "Rock and Pop" Interview (English)

July 1990 Belgium TV Video

1997 Peter Hammill discussing Robert Calvert text

Nov 4 1997 Interview in Amsterdam text

Jan 1998 "A Story in Songs" VPRO Holland TV Video

Nov 1998 Internet Chat (PH is The Derby Dazzler) Text

Dec 1998 Belgian Radio Interview on "Cucamonga" (Transcript )

Mar 1999 Internet Queston/Answer Text

Nov 2000 "Clouds and Clocks" Italian and English (Text)

Jan 2001 Bremen Radio Special Part 1 (Transcript)

Mar 2001 GLZ FM Israel Text

2001 Daryl Easlea Interview Text

June 27 and 28 2002 French Interview on "Sous Les Etoiles Exactement" (In French) Audio 38 minutes w/songs

Sept 2002 "Cutch" Interview by Todd Kennedy Text

Dec 2002 Progpix English and French Text

Aug 2007 "Stumbler In The Dark" by Jorge Luis Fernández and Robin Cook Text

2007 Face Culture Video Interview part 1 . part 2 . part 3 . part 4
... part 5 . part 6 . part 7 . part 8 .

Oct 2009 'No More Waiting For Wonderland'' Interview in Boston by Dan Coffee Text

Aug 2009 Progfiles Internet by Hande Burdg (site down)

2013 Three Pieces Interview (Part 3-The Beatles) video

2016 Prog Awards (Peter Hammill/Hugh Banton/Guy Evans) video

2016 Sept 18th Peter Hammill BBC Interview audio

2017 November Daryl Easlea Interviews Peter text

Feb 2001 David Jackson Q/A For this site Text