Other Peter Hammill work:

1971 Colin Scot, Colin Scot (Backing vocals on several tracks
1973 Le Orme, Felona and Sorona (wrote English language lyrics for the Charisma Records UK release)
1980 Exposure (Robert Fripp) Co-wrote and sings lead vocals on 3 songs and duet with Terry Roach
1980 Ludus, The Visit (1980 12") - provided "attention and advice"
1982 Peter Gabriel, Security (Backing vocals on "The Family and the Fishing Net", "Shock the Monkey" and "Lay Your Hands on me")
1982 Georgia II, The Flag / Tunnel Vision (1982, 7 inch and 12 inch) -(Backing vocals and played guitar)
1982 The Long Hello Volume 3 (David Jackson) - played organ solo and keyboard sounds on one song, and the album includes a David Jackson/Peter Hammill previously unreleased song "The Honing of Homer"
1984 Miguel Bosé, Bandido - wrote the lyrics of "South of the Sahara" and "Domine Mundi"
1985 Islo Mob, Wir Sind das Abenland (1985) - sang backing vocals
1986 Damian Hawkyard, Ill at Ease (1986, EP) - sang backing vocals on one track
1986 Ayuo, Nova Carmina (1986) - sang lead vocals on some tracks
1987 Kazue Sawai, Eye To Eye (1987) - contributed on "A Song To Fallen Blossoms"
1988 Herbert Grösmeyer, What's All This - wrote the English lyrics
1988 Crazy House, Still Looking For Heaven On Earth - played piano on "Feel That Way"
1989 Alice, Il sole nella pioggia - co-wrote and sang on "Now and Forever"
1990 Nic Potter, The Blue Zone - played guitar on "Ocean Blue"
1991 Judge Smith, Democrazy - co-wrote and played on several demos
1992 Peter Gabriel, Us - sang backing vocals on "Digging in the Dirt"
1993 Christian Demand, Kleine Fluchten - sang and played midi-guitar
1994 Moondog, Sax Pax For A Sax - sang backing vocals
1995 The Stranglers, The Stranglers and Friends – Live in Concert - sang on "Tank" and "The Raven"
1997 Ayuo Takahashi , Songs from a Eurasian Journey - (Lead vocals on several tracks)
1997 Saro Cosentino, Ones And Zeros - co-wrote and sang on "Phosphorescence" and "From Far Away"
1997 David Cross, Exiles (1997) - sang lead vocals on "Tonk" and "Troppo"
1998 Wolfram Huschke, Alien Diary - sang lead vocals on "Black Rose"
1998 Pale Orchestra conducted by David Thomas, Mirror Man Act 1: Jack & The General - played harmonium, guitar and keyboards
1998 Alice, Exit - wrote the lyrics of "Open Your Eyes"
1999 Various Artists, Hommage to Polnareff - sang lead vocals on "Jour Aprčs Jour"
2000 Jackie Leven, Defending Ancient Springs - played harmonium, guitar and keyboard on "Murbid Sky"
2000 Judge Smith, Curly's Airships - performed the part of Lord Thomson
2000 Ayuo, Earth Guitar - 1000 Springs And Other Stories - sang the gothic choir and did poetry reading
2002 Premiata Forneria Marconi, PFM Live in Japan 2002 - sang lead vocals on "Sea of Memory"
2009 David Rhodes, Bittersweet - sang backing vocals
2011 Memories of Machines, Warm Winter (2011) - played guitar

Peter Hammill Producer:

1979 Random Hold 5-song EP, later included in Avalanche)
1979 Random Hold "The View From Here" (later included in Avalanche)
1979 Random Hold "Etceteraville" / "Precarious Timbers" later included in Avalanche)
1980 Randon Hold "Cause & Effect" / "What Happened" (later included in Avalanche)
1980 Random Hold "Etceteraville" (later included in Avalanche)
1980 Randon Hold "Avalanche" (1980 double LP); re-released as The View From Here (2001 double CD)
1981 The Bristol Recorder 3 for Essential Bop
1982 "Playing For Time" / "Romantic" by Julia Downes
1983 "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" two tracks by Julia Downes
1984 The Flick Was Boss by Essential Bop
1988 Crazy House "Still Looking For Heaven On Earth" "Feel That Way"
1988 Crazy House "Burning Rain" / "Garden Of Luck"
1996 David Jackson "Fractal Bridge"