Covers (audio/video)

"Beside The One You Love by Trueherbsman Play
"Cat's Eye/Yellow Fever (Running)" by Rpynna Play
"Crying Wolf" by Benny Ras Play
"Darkness" by Paul Wells Play
"Dropping the Torch" Arranged by Ayuo ('99) play

"Gone Ahead" by Adam Matlock on Accordian Play

"House With No Door" by Gizmo (w/Hugh Hopper) Play
"House With No Door" by Empathy 37 Play
"I Will Find You"by The Boris Golman Band Play
"Man-Erg" by Verbal Delirium & Ciccada Play
"A Motorbike in Afrika" by The Ex Play

"Nadir's Big Chance" by Benny Ras Play
"A Place To Survive" by Industry and Poetry Play
"Stranger Still" by the Ego Band Play
"Sunshine" by Bobi Belle Play
"Tapeworm" by Brady Arnold Play
"Too Many Of My Yesterdays"(Guitar) by Lasha Bochorishvili Play
"Vision" by Marc and The Mambas Play
"Vision" (Live) by Marc Almond & the Mambas (London 9 Aug 2012) Play
"Whatever Would Robert Have Said" by Yoav Merom Play