Peter Hammill Trivia

1- How many of Peter's songs mention the city, Babylon?

2- What unreleased song (at the time) did vdgg play as an encore in 1975?

3- ph played with peter gabriel's band in 1982 at the womad festival. Which song did he play and sing?

4- What does the c in "pioneers over c" represent?

5- Early Van der Graaf: 1968-1972: What solo song did ph play before a van der graaf encore?

6- PH has performed In Concert twice with a Symphony Orchestra. Where were the performances and what were the 2 songs performed?

7- What 2 non-Godbluff songs were recorded during that albums recording sessions?

8- What comic book character, turns up on "The Future Now"?

9- The "Room Temperature Live" cd and cassette release included live songs from what year?

10- What song from Enter K appeared as a 'b' side single, and is also a very different version than on the LP ?

11- Where was World Record Rehearsed?

12- What non-ph/vdgg Lp did Peter Hammill ph title?

13- What is Gaia?

The Pain Zone:

How many times is 'pain' mentioned on the following albums:

14- "The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other "

15- "Chameleon In The Shadow of The Night"

16- "Still Life"

17- "The Silent Corner and The Empty Stage"

18- "Nadir's Big Chance"

19- "In Camera"

20- "Over"

21- "Fool's Mate"


22- What famous story mentions a "Stately pleasure-dome" and also has a connection with "ship of fools"?

23- What Emily Dickenson story has a similar title to a ph song?

24- How many songs mention 'future' on 'The Future Now' album?

25- Where are the closing lines in "Lost and Found" from?

26- Name the chess pieces in "Roncevaux" (Time Vaults)

27- How many of Peter's songs mention dice?

28 and 29 questions