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Peter Hammill Van der Graaf Generator

Peter Hammill and Van der Graaf Generator ......
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Friday November 21 Moon Romantic, Aoyama, Tokyo Set
Saturday November 22 Moon Romantic, Aoyama, Tokyo Set
Sunday November 23 Pit Inn Tokyo Set
Monday November 24 Pitt Inn Tokyo Set

Japan Concert History ... Weather..... Tokyo time

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Gary Lucas and Peter Hammill in Mexico last Sunday Set Article In Spanish

New Peter Hammill Album "...All That Might Have Been..."
Nov 24 2014 3 cd box set (and lp)
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Peter Hammill November concerts:

Nov 21 and NOV 22 2014 Tsuki-Mirou Kimi-Omou Tokyo
Nov 23 and NOV 24 2014 Pit Inn Tokyo

NEXT Van der Graaf Generator cd/lp: (Live) "Merlin Atmos" Feb 15 2015


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