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PH Solo Concerts/In Canada next month:

June 1 2016 (Wed) Club Soda, Montreal tickets
June 2 2016 (Thur) Salle Sylvain Lelievre du college Limoilou, Quebec City tickets

Peter's Performance in Piacenza, Italy on January 16, 2016

"Pequeños Grandes Momentos 1906" .. Interview . Madrid December 2015


Believe it or not: Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump and a connection to Robert J. Van de Graaff NEW BOOK:

"Van der Graaf Generator...technically..."


2015 releases:

VdGG Radio Session cd "After The Flood": Tracks
VdGG LATEST LIVE CD/LP "Merlin Atmos" Tracks
PH LATEST CD/LP ...All That Might Have Been..." News Tracks
UK Guardian Review of "After The Flood" BBC Sessions



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