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Photo Album of Serrasalminae Fish

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We have many images of different piranhas, pacus, silver dollars and other fish forms for you to examine. 

The majority of images are of wild-caught fishes and most have their scientific name captioned below each image and locality. There are over 100 images of fishes from various localities. The taxonomic names of each fish, unless otherwise noted, was posted by Mr. Frank Magallanes, OPEFE.

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S. rhombeus.  Photo by Dr. Labbish Chao

Click the fish image (S. rhombeus) ABOVE  to enter main photo album in order to see  a variety of areas and rivers (Bacelos, Manaus, Xingu, Rio Solimoes, Rio Negro, etc.) where many species of Serrasalminae fish are found.

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The male Catoprion mento is commonly called the wimple piranha. Photo by Dr. Labbish Chao.

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