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Pay The Dog....Celtic Songs to Delight!

Celtic & Renaissance Folksongs to Delight (and a great dog too!)

Specializing in folksongs of Ireland, Scotland and England ...from 1100 AD to the present
With some original (really original) music thrown in for spice!
Our music appeals to a wide audience...

About Our Members

We are three ladies who met in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Though our backgrounds in music vary (as do our other interests!), we come together to harmonize traditional and modern celtic songs, as well as our original folk style songs.

Sherri Burmeister, known as Lady Ivory in the SCA, has been involved in performing on stage for many years. She has sung national and inter-national commercial jingles, toured Europe singing and does voiceovers for television commercials. Sherri sings, writes songs and plays hammered dulcimer. She is the redhead.

Quin Hinrichs, who is Mairi when she dresses celtic-style, is relatively new to performing professionally. At the start she was reluctant to sing in public at all and now here she is happily singing for thousands!! Quin is the one who trained our wonder-dog Abbie to do all of the marvelous tricks which make her such a hit with crowds. Quin sings, writes lyrics, plays the bodhran and is learning the mandolin. She is our blonde.

Lara Campbell "Cammie" McGehee goes by Lady Siona at SCA events. She is the source of many of the lovely traditional songs we perform. Cammie sang in her teens and was then lured away by her love of horses. Now she is performing again...even harmonizing! Cammie sings, writes songs, and plays the guitar. She's the brunette.

Abbie, the dog, is a pound-hound. She belongs to Quin. Though she does not sing, she manages to steal the show! Abbie is extremely clever...carrying our tip basket, working the crowd for more tips, bowing to royalty...she does it all! Abbie has been with us for almost 4 years. Her little brother, Eldan, is her understudy...holding the basket quite fetchingly himself.

Where You Can Catch Our Act

Pay the Dog sings at large SCA events in the West/Southwest area, such as The Estrella War in Queen Creek, AZ every February. Sherri sings at Pennsic in Pennsylvania every August.

You will find us at the Devonshire Ren Faire in Phoenix, AZ in November; and we completed a long run at the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Apache Junction, which goes through February and March of every year.

Other bookings will be listed here as they are confirmed.

About Our Tape..."Ice Cream for Abbie"

Side One

The Finest of Them All
(original song by Cammie)
The Mingulay Boat Song (Traditional)
A Stitch in Time (Traditional)
The Mermaid (Traditional)
It's So Big (original song by Sherri)
Bonnie Glen Shee (Traditional)
Dacent Irish Boy (Traditional)
Melville Castle (Traditional)
Dumbarton's Drums (Traditional)

Side Two

Loch Lomond (Traditional)
You Carry My Favor
(original song by Quin,Cammie & Sherri)
I'm a Rover (Traditional)
Somebody (Traditional)
Maids When You're Young (Traditional)
The Fireship (Traditional)
Mairi's Wedding (Traditional)
The Unquiet Grave (Traditional)

Click to hear a sample of Dumbarton's Drums(228k).

How to Order

Tapes are $12.50, including S & H. Make check or money order out and mail to:

Sherri Burmeister
c/o Pay the Dog
P.O. Box 647
Chino Valley, AZ 86323


Society for Creative Anachronism
Kingdom of Atenveldt(SCA)
The Shire of Granite Mountain-Prescott, AZ
The Renaissance Faire Junkie!
Fiddlers Green
Arizona Irish Music Society