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Watered Gardens Ministry Center
( A division of ~ Intensive Care Ministries)
"Their souls shall be like a well-watered garden,
And they shall sorrow no more at all."
Jeremiah 31:12

Remember, God is FOR you, not against you!
His kindness draws us to repentance and
He is ever drawing us with cords of compassion.

Watered Gardens Ministry Center, a division of Intensive Care Ministries, is a Christ-centered therapy center for trauma resolution, grief and loss recovery, and recovery from abuse of all kinds.We are interdenominational, and accept people of all faiths or even no faith. We are a non-profit ministry, independent of the financial support of any one church, organization, or government agency. While we do accept donations, we must also charge a fee based on your income. We depend upon fees and donations to operate. We are compatible with 12-Step groups and programs and are scripturally based.

Our focus is to help people recognize and know the presence of God in their life, and to bring healing to the wounded areas in their spirits, souls, and bodies. We pray for (and with, if they desire) each client, taking seriously the responsibility for spiritual covering while the client is in our care.Grief and loss occur daily in each person's life. The significance of the loss is where the intensity of grief is triggered. Some situations that may produce grief are: death, broken relationships, domestic violence, religious or spiritual abuse, trauma experienced as a child (incest, sexual, physical, verbal, emotional abuse, parental alcoholism/dysfunction, violence, etc.), abuse from authority figures, recovery from addictions of all kinds, loss of role or position, infertility/miscarriage/infant death, not having needs met (childhood or adult), and shattered dreams, to name only a few.

Watered Gardens understands the need to grieve and work through wounding events, and that Christians often don't know how to do it without becoming unbalanced. We know what it is like to have wounds that keep us from being ALL that God purposes for us to be. We, at Watered Gardens, have each been one of the "Walking Wounded" and we can offer hope even in the darkest hour. We ask the Holy Spirit to work through us, as He knows all things and is the Comforter. We seek the Lord's agenda, not our own. Therapeutic pastoral counseling is led by the Holy Spirit to impart and bring forth the spiritual fruits which are described in Galations 5:22,23 There is a grief that also accompanies repentance for our behaviors, through processes, and heart attitudes, which is pleasing to the Lord. His kindness does draw us to repentance when we need to take responsibility for our OWN actions as well (Romans 2:4).

If your life seems to be falling apart, and you can't seem to "get it together," God may be calling you to rebuild and restore. We can help. We are "able to comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." (II Cor. 1:4) We have gone down down the painfully rough road of grief and recovery, and are here to help you through your own journey. Of course, no one "arrives", but we continue on our journey, ever growing.

Recovery pastoral counseling/therapy is a journey that fosters the healing needed to grow, change, and resolve trauma and grief. Psychology can contribute to self understanding but only Jesus can bring about lasting change. Unresolved grief can hinder one's walk with the Lord, and render one ineffective in ministry and witness. It can also lead to damaged relationships and emotional breakdown.

Areas of Consultation:
Grief and Trauma Resolution Therapy and Pastoral Counseling
On-line & Telephone (217-222-8747 ~ voice mail) Sessions Available
Individual, Group, and Family Sessions, All Ages
All Denominations or None, Protestant or Catholic
Our Own Literature and Booklets
Art Work, Music, and Body Work in Sessions
Restoration House, (A Place of Worship/Recovery for the Wounded Heart)
Consultation and Mentoring
Training & Education on Areas of Abuse (Childhood/Adult Trauma, Domestic Violence, Spiritual or Religious Abuse, and Grief)
Fruitful Garden Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Resources and Networking via Internet
Living Wells-- a Wonderful way to support Watered Gardens!

Watered Gardens Ministry Center
(Rev. Kathryn M. Shank, Administrator)
can be reached by US Mail at:
P.O. Box 721
Quincy, Illinois 62306-0721