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Parenting Matters!

You should listen to this radio program because...

parenting links

Bethlehem Town Directory - Recycling - Sponsor
A holistic approach for parents
Easton Hospital - Sponsor
AdCouncil a non-profit public service
Kidspeace - National Center for Kids in Crisis
Disney's web site for families
ParentTime-Customized advice for your growing child
Info for pregnancy, infants, toddlers
Mayo Clinic-resource center and reference

Parenting can be very challenging! Parenting Matters offers some assistance. Parenting Matters is a live, call-in radio program that discusses and researches current issues that parents, grandparents and most care-givers face. Tune in every Saturday from 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M. to Sunny 1100 AM, WGPA in Allentown Pa. Listen and learn with the experts...Because Parenting Matters! Advertisers are welcome.

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