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Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies - Conference Program Third World Conference for the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

"The Long-Term Outcomes of Trauma in Individuals and Society"

March 16-19, 2000 Carlton Crest Melbourne, Australia

The Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies is a forum for extending the understanding of prevention and treatment of major stress and trauma within the Australasian region.



Conference Proceedings

If you have or need some information about Counseling, check out What is the Purpose of Counseling?

For Parents, there is some basic information on Parent Child Communication Parenting: Defensiveness and a whole series of brief articles on Parenting Skills

Check the information about depression by finding out What is Depression? or Components of Depression

If you are looking for information about Stress Management and/or would like to reduce stress, why not take our Individual Stress Management Program.

On this page you will find links to various divorce adjustment resources as well as links to online articles, divorce mediation information, divorce counseling resources, marriage counseling information, and other resources associated with divorce adjustment. Each link is briefly annotated. Stress And The Art of Divorce Adjustment

Adjusting to a divorce can be challenging emotionally as well as economically, socially and in many other unexpected ways. This publication attempts to pull together these areas in a cohesive manner so that those contemplating or having gone thru a divorce can learn about what might be expected and some possible ways to deal with it. Divorce Adjustment

Annotated links to resources on divorce and divorce management. Major topic areas include: Divorce: The End of a Marriage; After A Divorce; Emotional Turmoil; Children; Legal Issues; Resources. Divorce Management

This page contains annotated information for links to reports, history, medical and psychological information, research, resources and help information about the Gulf War and Gulf War Syndrome. It is presented in five sections: Introduction; Official Response; Medical Research; Conspiracy Theories; and Resources. Gulf War Syndrome


Delayed Stress: What Is It And Who Does It Affect?

A Note On Relaxation And Verbal Instruction

Self-esteem Is Important

Management Counseling For Supervisors

Approaches To Management Counseling

Cross-cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Review

Extended Families

Stress, Anxiety and Cross-cultural Counseling in Rural Areas of the Western United States: Mental Health

Test Re-test Reliability Of The SAWVAC In A Rural Area

Cultural and Environmental Effects on Pro-social Behavior

Some Notes On Multi-modal Behavior Therapy

Consulting: Teams, Teamwork, And Leadership

EAP Counseling

Individual Stress Management

Stress Management: What To Do About It

Thoughts To Get You Through Almost Any Crisis

Fun Stress

Delayed Stress: What Is It And Who Does It Affect

Disaster Work And Stress

Some Comments On Aversive Control


Cross-Cultural Bibliography

Disaster Counseling References

Disaster Mental Health References

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing References

Debriefing References

Annotated Disaster Mental Health References - Adults

Annotated disaster Mental Health References - Children & Families

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Acumin Personal Nutrition Program

Member, Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web

Ken and Retas Place Has links to information on Panic and Anxiety plus a Chat Room for Panic and Anxiety. Other links to information and places in Canada.

Annotated Mental Health Links


Disaster Mental Health Institute - Univ South Dakota

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World Alumni Net

Penn State

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