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Traumatology Traumatology Institute The Florida State University Certified Traumatologist Program Canadian Traumatic Stress Network FINAL REPORT: Task Force on Assistance to Families of Aviation Disasters Olympics Diary American Red Cross Disaster Relief Disaster Mental Health Institute at University of South Dakota SAMHSA Emergency Services & Disaster Relief Branch Virginia Disaster Intervention Site Centers for Disease Control Center for Mental Health Services The National Mental Health Services Knowledge Exchange Network - Emergency Services Page NASA Disaster Finder United States Census Bureau American Counseling Association Disaster Response Network American Psychological Association Disaster Response Network Australian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies Disasters: Mental Health Interventions Epicenter - The Emergence Preparedness Information Center Global Emergency Management Disaster Counseling Support Network Natural Hazards Center Pacific Disaster Management Information Network Relief Net David V. Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages Ricky Greenwald's Child Trauma Home Page Cable News Network The Weather Channel Diversity Rx PILOTS (Published International Literature on Traumatic Stress) National Center for PTSD El Nino After The Storm: Hurricane Fran FEMA Tropical Storm Watch National Association of Social Workers International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. Disasters and Counseling References (1995) Disasters and Mental Health References (1993, 1994) Critical Incident Stress Debriefing References (1988-1997) Debriefing References (1993-1997) Leadership Cross-cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Review The Justice Institute of British Columbia operates in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. They offer a Traumatic Stress Certificate program. There is a Clinical Intervention - Trauma Counseling stream; a Community Responses - Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for Peers; and a Community Responses - Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for Mental Health Practitioners. Click here for their website. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD has developed an advanced Disaster Mental Health training program designed as a basis for certifying VA mental health clinicians to serve on both local (VA Medical Center, Outpatient clinic, Domiciliary, and/or Vet Center) and regional (Veterans Integrated Service Network) teams responding in the aftermath of acute crises and (in conjunction with the American Red Cross) disasters. The course was developed (and has been presented in a 2-day intensive workshop format by an advisory group representing VAs Readjustment Counseling Service, Mental Health Headquarters Office, and Emergency Medical Preparedness Organization. Presentations have been funded by the VA's Employee Education System (EES), and are planned for presentation in several other areas of the country, pending further EES funding. For a detailed outline of the curriculum, and Fact Sheets (for disaster survivors, rescue workers, and DMH providers), browse the National Center's website. TELE-MENTAL HEALTH IN DISASTER SITUATIONS Besides different telemedicine programs in the United States and the United Kingdom and Norway in Europe have established Tele-Mental Health practices as an effective tool for different mental illnesses. For such purposes, interactive video conferencing tools are required. Check out CyberTowers for information on Telehealth

"Hidden Wounds, Hidden Healing of Disaster" "Helping Children After A Disaster" Lessons Learned and Reinforced by Disaster Mental Health Work by Brian W. Flynn, Ed.D., Chief, Emergency Services and Disaster Relief Branch Center for Mental Health Services Psychological Aspects of Terrorism by Brian W. Flynn, Ed.D., Chief Emergency Services and Disaster Relief Branch Center for Mental Health Services Recovery From Trauma, A Public Service Perspective by Brian W. Flynn, Ed.D., Chief Emergency Services and Disaster Relief Branch Center for Mental Health Services Thoughts and Reflections Following the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City by Brian W. Flynn, Ed.D., Chief Emergency Services and Disaster Relief Branch Center for Mental Health Services Advocacy and Case Management Within the Mission of Crisis Counseling Programs Crisis Counseling and Mental Health Treatment - Similarities and Differences Program Guidance - Defining Key Terms in a Crisis Counseling Program Management Counseling For Supervisors Approaches To Management Counseling Self-esteem Is Important Cross-cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Review Extended Families Leadership Stress, Anxiety and Cross-cultural Counseling in Rural Areas of the Western United States: Mental Health Weather

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