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Ocean Paddler

The International Magazine for Sea Kayaking

13 St Michael's Square
Ashton Under Lyne
Lancs OL6 7LF
Tel/Fax: +44 161 339 4271
We are launching a new magazine for the Canoe Union Show in Birmingham in February 1998 and it will be available on the stand for the International Sea Kayakers Association. We look forward to meeting people there and to get moral support for the first issue. This magazine will cover the area of sea and ocean kayaking and paddling; a growing sport. The editor, John Ramwell, is well known in this field, and runs the International Sea Kayakers Association.

The magazine will cover all aspects and will appear seasonally (initially four times a year). It will be around 48 pages of full colour and will include articles on: equipment, expeditions, clothing, lifestyle, health notes, accommodation, camping and caravanning.

3000 copies of our initial print run will be going to North America for free distribution at Canoecopia in Madison, Wisconsin. Our exclusive North American distributor is Stan Chadlek and we are ensuring world-wide sales, as the magazine will cover all events relating to sea kayaking world-wide.

Competitions and giveaways will also be included, as will a Diary of Events. We welcome all contributions and ideas, and will include readers' letters and news items.

The magazine will be sold world-wide at £1.80 per issue plus 70p postage and packaging, with an annual subscription of £10. We are arranging for trade distribution and news trade so that it can be orderd from your local newsagents and we are also looking for wholesale on a world-wode basis. The news trade distribution will be carried out by Portland Distribution.

We look forward to covering all news stories in an open and honest way to benefit our readers and to ensure the magazine becomes an innovation, interesting, useful and needed addition to this growing sport and activity.

Editorial address:

John Ramwell
5 Osprey Avenue
West Houghton
Lancs BL5 2SL
Tel/Fax: +44 1942 842204

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