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   Presto Sticker Books

BARNEY, WHAT CAN IT BE? & FARM ANIMALS - Barney (that loveable purple dinosaur!), B. J., Baby Bop and You follow an amazing animal with a big, loud voice.

MY BEST FRIEND - Burnie, the dragon, and your child have wonderful adventures together. Your child will learn about accepting responsibility.

THE ZOO IS BLUE - A Wonderful story involving a trip to the zoo filled with over 20 homonyms.

THE LITTLE MERMAID - Your child enters an underwater adventure with Aquaria as she searches for her father's trident. A valuable lesson is learned about responsibility and trust.

NO MORE DIAPERS - An invaluable way to help ease your child's potty-training stress. They will be inspired by personalized encouragement. Your child will want to hear about their potty-training success again and again

FLOOTY HOBBS - Award winning story that tells us what we really have to fear when we go to bed at night... nothing

ADVICE FROM A VERY LARGE TOAD - Your child is dressed to go to a costume party, but encounters an enormous toad that talks! Everyone will be delighted with the cautious toad's unusual advice.

THE WORLD'S MOST PRECIOUS BABY. This adorable story is personalized with every detail that makes a baby book a lifetime keepsake: from the baby's name, weight and height, to the people who delighted you with a visit in the hospital.

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