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Greeting Cards
Personal greeting cards for all occasions. Bring in one of your photo and have it made into a greeting card. A verse can be written just for that special someone.
Creating your own card.
Simply fold a piece of paper in half like a card, and write what you would like your card to say, and draw a square box where you would like your picture to be. If you would like a Word Balloon on your picture please add the text of what the picture is saying.
Please specify the color you would like the card to be. ( White or Ivory)
If you would like a graphic on your card please give us an idea of what you would like, we have thousands of graphics to add to your card!
Photos can be  touched up, cropped, and enhanced and reprinted at different sizes.
Note: All photos can not be  resizes to specific size because of proportion. Example if you want a 5" by 7", it may come out 5" by 6.78" or 4.45" by 7". Touch ups, and enhancing: price depends on amount of work required.
Certificates can be designed for just about anyone. Examples: World Greatest, Certificate of Merit, Achievement, Pre school graduation, etc
Note: Certificates are available in red or blue each comes with a gold seal or embossed seal. Title can be done in gold foil.
Cross Stitch Design
Cross stitch design are made from photo's with the background removed. DMC floss color and number is printed along with your pattern.
Iron-ons are designed from photos, text, and logos, etc.

Flyers / Ads

Flyers and Ads can be created on several sizes and types of paper, depending on your specific needs.
Business Cards
Business Cards are available in black ( gray's) or color. Printed on white or ivory stock. A logo, if needed can be created by you or by us.

Letter Heads

Letter heads can be created to match your business card.
Children  ID's can be created from a recent photo with all information including medical information. Organizations can have their own unique ID's created. Novelty ID's can also be created.
Note: ID's are laminated.
Laminating service is available.
Copy service is available for black and white or color.
Calendars can be created with your favorite portrait.
Memorial Obituaries
Bring a newspaper obituary and a photo of your loved one, and we'll create a laminated memorial.
Birthday Newsletters
Put your loved ones on the front page news.
Create in several different layouts. Birthday certificates are also available .

To contact us:

Phone: 902-762-3386