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Live Recordings

A Music Locator - Helping you to search, locate and obtain your favorite song or audio recording on Vinyl, Tapes, Cassettes or Records. All Genres of Music including, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Classical, Comedy, Spoken Word and Live Audio Concerts.
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If you do not have a sound card or if you are trying to locate a recording that has previously been aired, we do have a modest collection of these performances on the LIVE TRADE PAGE that we can trade for a copy of another LIVE performance. Our goal however, like the saying goes, is not to feed you for a day but to teach you to fish, so you can hear Live or Virtual web transmissions of the music you enjoy via web-links.

A couple of years ago, I mentioned to a friend how I wished there was a way to have a recording of a GRATEFUL DEAD concert that I went to in New Jersey many years ago. I was surprised when he said it could be done. A few weeks later he was able to fulfill my wish.

It is with that spirit that we would like to share any past live recordings available to us in exchange for a recording that you have.

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But better still, you remember ("teach a man to fish, you feed him for life") we would like to improve our list of links to direct you to different LIVE MUSIC RESOURCES where you can see, enjoy or tape your own "live" broadcast recordings for your personal use.

The Artists we wish to trade, share and support; encourage this type of distribution in order to get their MUSIC out to the Public, to offer unique live performances to their fans or just because they are nice people.

Current "New Rock" or "Alternative" Artists frequently perform live 30 minute to 1 hour sets that many DJ's encourage their listeners to tape.

In the Atlanta Georgia area, 99X (FM99.7) does an exellent series of LIVE performances that they encourage listeners to tape. Each week, on Friday, they feature a different nationally known group or artist, broadcast live as it happens, in front of a small group of 99X listeners. If you miss that Live feed, you have another opportunity to listen or tape that performance, on the following Sunday at 10:00 pm. Outside the Georgia area you can look and listen to 99-X (FM99.7) via the Internet.

Another 99X "LIVE" feature is VIRTUAL VENUE, which has webcasts of previously recorded LIVE concerts from other areas around the country.

To check out the Atlanta Local Scene listen to 99X Sunday night broadcasts of "Locals Only". Hosted by Steve Craig who is billed as a " -- local music fan(atic) -- he brings you the best of the Atlanta music scene Sunday nights from 10:00 to 10:30pm. Live guests, rare tracks and lots of really good music from just this side of Peachtree." Give it a listen, Atlanta has many fine musicians show-cased on these broadcasts.

Of course Atlanta is not the only area with good webcast programming. We will do our best to update you with stations and "Live Broadcasts and otherINTERESTING WEBCASTS that are worth checking out.

If you are interested in a particular artist or Musical Genre please click on the E-mail address below and let me know. If we can't help you find it, we can post your wish to see if there is someone "out there in cyberspace" who can.

It is not our intent to bypass any copyright laws, nor are we soliciting for any illegal bootleg recordings made at concerts without the consent of the artists performing. It is my hope that since there will be no charge for the music itself, and that charges will only cover recording time and the price of a cassette, packaging etc. that we can share music in this way. As we become more familiar with the costs involved ie. protective packaging, postage rates for insured delivery of packages etc, we will post them.

If you are familiar with any laws or applicable charges that we will need to consider, please click on our E-mail address below and let us know. This will help to work out the logistics of maintaining a website for this type of music exchange. In the event that we encounter some obstacles that we cannot overcome, we will continue trading tapes and exchanging information on Artists and/or radio stations that support the taping of their LIVE broadcasts.

Please foward information on other sources of LIVE broadcasts in your area so that we can share that information with others.



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