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40 Hilarious Hits Of The 50's (Tape 2) The Thing, Love Potion #9, Western Movies,In The Middle Of The House, One Of These Days,...Pow, Song Of The Sewer, The Blob, The Flying Saucer (parts 1 & 2), I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat, It's In The Book, Alvin's Harmonica, Splish Splash, Pizza Pie, I Got A Wife, Say Man, The Blue Man, Stranded In The Jungle, Yokahama Mama, Good Morning Mr. Echo, Wun'erful Wun'erful ! (Side Uh-One) Cassette VG+ $6.99
44 Happy Hits Of The Fun Forties (Tape 3) Chickery Chick, The Thing, Open The Door Richard, The Hut-Sut Song (Swedish Seranade), A - You're Adorable, Daddy, Beer Barrel Polka, Cocktails For Two, Deep In The Heart Of Texas, I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Cocoanuts, Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop, The Maharajah Of Magadore, My Two Front Teeth (All I Want For Christmas) Cassette VG+ $6.99
Amos and Andy The complete unedited original broadcasts of November 11, 1947 and January 13th 1948 ... Cassette VG+ $6.99
Beavis and Butt-Head Experience, The MTV'S Beavis and Butt-Head ... Cassette VG+ $5.99
Benny, Jack Benny The complete unedited original broadcasts of April 25th, 1948 and February 12th, 1950 ... Cassette VG+ $5.99
Benny, Jack Benny Side 1 - Your Money or Your Life Show broadcast on 3/28/48, Side 2 - The Hilarious Pre-Holiday Show broadcast on 11/23/47 Cassette VG+ $5.99
Bortz, Neal Bortz The Best Of Neal Bortz 1997 - benefiting Angel Flight Cassette VG+ $5.99
Bottom's Up '71 Breck Wall & Joe Peterson's Original cast Recording - America's most popular Comedy Review for swingers, recorded live in Las Vegas Stereo LP Sealed $25.00
Burns and Allen Burns and Allen Volume II - The complete, original, unedited broadcasts from radio's Golden Age Cassette VG+ $5.99
Burns and Allen George & Gracie At Their Best - in 2 Sparkling Half-Hour Shows Cassette VG+ $5.99
Cheech & Chong Cheech & Chong - Blind Melon Chitlin, Wink Dinkerson, Acapulco Gold, Filters, Vietnam, Trippin In Court, Dave, Emergency Ward, Welcome To Mexico, The Pope Live At The Vatican, Cruisin With Pedro De Pacas, Waiting For Dave Cassette VG+ $5.99
Cheech & Chong Cheech & Chongs Greatest Hit - Dave, Earache In My Eye, Let's Make A Deal, Basketball Jones, Blind Melon Chitlin, Sister Mary Elephant, Sargent Stadanko, Dave Cont ... Cassette VG+ $5.99
Cheech & Chong Let's Make A Dope Deal Cassette VG+ $5.99
Cheech Y Chong Cheech Y Chong - Up In Smoke (Original Soundtrack) - The Finkelstein Shit Kid, Mr Stoner, Up In Smoke, Cheech & Chong, Low RiderWar * 1st Gear @nd Gear, Pedro and Man, Framed, Cheech & Chong * Searchin, Search Boys, The Ajax Lady, Man and The Ajax Lady * Starberrys, Yesca, Here Come The Mounties To The Rescue, Yesca,* Sometimes When You Gotta Go, You Can't, Pedro and SGT Stedenko, Lost Due To Incompetence (Theme For A Big Green Van) - Yesca * Lard Ass Pedro Man Officer Clyde And Sgt Stedenko * Rock Fight, Cheech & Chong * I Didn't Know Your Name Was Alex, Man Jade East Pedro * Earache My Eye, Alice Bowie Up In Smoke Reprise, Cheech & Chong Cassette Sealed $9.99
Child's Garden Of Grass, A A Pre Legalization Comedy Stereo LP VG-VG- $30.00
Cosby, Bill Cosby Bill Cosby Himself - The Dentist, Natural Child Birth, Brain Damage, Kill The Boy, Chocolate Cake For Breakfast, Same Thing Happens Every Night, The Grandparents Cassette VG+ $5.99
Cosby, Bill Cosby Those of You With or Without Children, Will Understand : Side 1 - Genesis (18:02), The Great Quote (4:10), Side 2 - Window of Life (26:56) Cassette VG+ $5.99
Clower, Jerry Clower Jerry Clower Live From The Stage Of The Grand Ole Opry - Opening, My First Tuxedo, Marcel And The City Fella, The New Chandelier, Funeral Procession, Clovis Goes To Court, The Resort Hotel, Bunkum Vote, The Burning Building, Claude And The Game Warden, The Furniture Disease, Marcels Plantation, Boiled Okra, Why Can't Johnny Read, The Johnson Grass, Marcel And The Armadillo, Sittin Up With The Dead Cassette VG+ $6.99
Dilbert The Dilbert Future Thriving On Stupidity In The 21st Century - Scott Adams, author of the Dilbert Principle, Read by Scott Adams. Cassette VG+ $6.99
Fibber McGee & Molly The original broadcasts from radios golden age- Side One: The complete show exactly as broadcast on March 22, 1949 - Side 2: The complete show exactly as broadcast on July 6, 1948 Cassette VG+ $5.99
First Family Rides Again, The Rich Little - Reaganomics, Wake Up, Happy Birthday, The Lincoln Room, Washington Portrait, Intergration, Mr. Bill, God, The Funeral, Late Night Phone Call, The Big Game, The Happening, Bugs, The Psychiatrist, Preparing The President, White House Tour, Air Force One, Press Conference Cassette VG+ $6.99
Foxworthy, Jeff Foxworthy Games Rednecks Play - Introduction, Victorias Secret, Games Rednecks Play, Southern Accent, NASA & Alabama & Fishing Shows, Clampette Go To Maui, I Love Being A Parent, I Love Being A Parent (cont'd), Out Of The Gene Pool, Seek And Destroy, Don't Drink And Drive, More You Might Be A Redneck If ..., Party All Night Cassette VG+ $5.99
Foxworthy, Jeff Foxworthy The Original - Recorded in 1989 - (Laughing Hyena tapes #79) - Back In The South, Southern Words, You Might Be A Redneck, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Towing Dad's Boat, Throwing A Party, You Might Be A Redneck, The Wedding Reception Cassette VG+ $5.99
Foxworthy, Jeff Foxworthy The Redneck Test - (Laughing Hyena tapes #43) - The Redneck Test, Southern Words, You Might Be A Redneck, Designated Drivers, Towing Dad's Boat, Fragrances, Stuffed Animal Wall Hangings, Money Fights, Poor Old Fluffy, Practical Jokes Cassette VG+ $5.99
Foxworthy, Jeff Foxworthy You Might Be A Redneck If ... - Introduction, Words In The South, You Might Be A Redneck If ... , Life As A Father, Single Life Is Just Too Hard, I LOve Being Married, Encore : You Might Be A Redneck If ... Part II Cassette VG+ $5.99
Foxworthy, Jeff Foxworthy Truckstop Comedy - You Might Be A Redneck (Laughing Hyena tapes #10) - Great Southern Words, Cool Southern Accents?, The Redneck Test, The Taxidermist Bill, Towing Dad's Boat, Raised In A Barn, Sneaking Back Home, The Birds And The Bees, 30 T.V. Channels, The Fertility Clinic Cassette VG+ $5.99
Foxworthy, Jeff Foxworthy Sold Out - (Laughing Hyena tapes #80) - Cold Butted Woman, Stuffed Animal Wall Hangings, Bell Bottom Leisure Suits, Money Fights, Working Woman, You Might Be A Redneck If, True Stuff Is The Funniest, Poor Old Fluffy Cassette VG+ $5.99
Frye, David Frye Richard Nixon: A Fantasy, Buddah Records 1973 Stereo LP VG/VG+ $15.00
Grizzard, Lewis Grizzard Lewis Grizzard Live! The Goodwill Tour: From Moreland To Moscow - Theres Sand In Mommars Underdrwares, Decision At 30,000 Feet, Hijacks & Holywars, If It Aint Broke Dont Fix It, There Aint No Toilet Paper In Russia, Not During Football Season, Glory Glory To Ole Georgia, Its A Ho-Ax, R.C. & A Moon Pie, Women Do The Damndest Things, I LOve Dogs, Mamma Wanted Me To Be A Preacher Cassette VG+ $5.99
Grizzard, Lewis Grizzard Lets Have A Party With Lewis Grizzard Cassette VG+ $5.99
Grizzard, Lewis Grizzard On The Road With Lewis Grizzard - For My Little Brother Joey, Elvis Is Dead And I Don't Feel So Good Myself, Out Of The Closet, If Love Were Oil I'd Be About A Quart Low, The Joy Of Children Around The Breakfast Table, They Tore Out My Heart And Stomped That Sucker Flat, An Agricultural Story, THE SOUTH / God Talks Like We Do, The Last Confederate Soldier, Lucky Joes reptile Farm, COLLEGE FOOTBALL/ Our Way Of Life, Pats Last Prayer, How Bout That Dawg, TELEVISION / A Dark And Evil Thing, Commercials Drive Me Crazy / My Boyhood Friend And Idol, Weyman C Wannamaker Jr A Great American Cassette VG+ $5.99
Grizzard, Lewis Grizzard Lewis Grizzard On Women
Books On Tape
If Love Were Oil, I'd Be About A Quart Low
Cassette VG+ $5.99
Jewish American Princess, The Graubert, Judy, Frank Gallop and Anthony Holland (Bell 1971) Stereo LP Sealed $30.00
Jokes To Go Just For Laughs - The Comedy Club Series - Jerry Seinfeld - Television, Evan Davis - Kids Today, Glen Hirsh - School, Bob Nickman - Grandparents, Mack & Jamie - Home On The Range, Larry Miller - Lying, Carey Odes - Stolen Radio, Rick Rockwell - Cheap Phones, John McDonnell - Gift For Mom, Fritz Coleman - Contacts, Rick Rockwell - Metal Detector, Jerry Seinfeld - A Little Overweight, Diane Ford - Advertising, Tom Mc Tigue - Sponge Fishing, Dom Irerra - Honesty, Mark Roberts - Flying Right, Max Alexander - Crash Instructions, Casey Odes - Being Blessed, John Caponera - Life's Too Short Cassette VG+ $5.99
Keilor, Garrison Keillor Garrison Keillor's Comedy Theater -(tape 3) - BONUS TAPE - featuring highlights from the April 27, 1996 - JOKE SHOW with -Paula Poundstone and Roy Blount Cassette VG+ $5.99
Garrison Keillor Gospel Birds and other stories of Lake Wobegon - (sides 3 & 4) - Metting Danny Hart at the Bus Stop, A Day at the Circus with Mazumbo, The Tollerud's Korean Baby, Sylvester Krueger's Desk, Babe Ruth Visits Lake Wobegon Cassette VG+ $5.99
Garrison Keillor Lake Woebegone Loyalty Days - A Recital For Mixed Baritone & Orchestra - This is the live recording of the show that played to sold-out theaters across the country. As Philip Brunelle leads the Minnesota Orchestra, Garrison Keillor does what he does best: talks, tells stories, and ponders the experience of being Lutheran. It's a gentle mix of great music and down-home humor. Includes Keillor's popular parody, "A Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra." Content: Hello Love; Loyalty Days; Whoopi Ti-Yi-Yo; Sons of Knute-Loyalty Oath; Sons of Knute-March; Some Words from Powdermilk Biscuits; Powdermilk Biscuit Theme; The Radio Announcer; The Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra; The Lake Wobegon Hymn; Sons of the Exiles Cassette VG+ $6.99
Garrison Keillor More News From Lake Wobegon - (tape 1) HOPE - Alaska - 28:42, The Perils of Spring - 12:14, A Trip To Grand Rapids - 23:15, Author - 16:27 Cassette VG+ $5.99
Garrison Keillor More News From Lake Wobegon - (tape 2) FAITH - Pontoon Boat - 23:15, O Death - 17:33, Smokes - 21:18, Let Us Pray - 19:16 Cassette VG+ $5.99
Garrison Keillor More News From Lake Wobegon - (tape 3) HUMOR - Skinny Dip - 12:59, Home Coming - 19:01, The Freedom Of The Press - 16:10, Vicks - 14:35 Cassette VG+ SOLD
Garrison Keillor News From Lake Wobegon - SPRING - Me and Choir - 29:17, A Day In The Life Of Clarence Bunsen - 13:48, Letter From Jim - 11:52, Fiction - 3:58 Cassette VG+ $5.99
Garrison Keillor News From Lake Wobegon - SUMMER - The Living Flag - 5:19, The Tollefson Boy Goes To College - 11:26, Tomato Butt - 11:36, Chamber Of Commerce - 2:17, Dog Days Of August - 11:13, Mrs Berge and the Schubert Carillon Piano - 1426 Cassette VG+ $5.99
Garrison Keillor News From Lake Wobegon - FALL - Giant Decoys - 6:08, Darryl Tollerud's Long Day - 9:35, Hog Slaughter - 13:42, Thanksgiving :1028, The Royal Family : 20:15 Cassette VG+ $5.99
Garrison Keillor News From Lake Wobegon - WINTER - Guys On Ice - 5:21, James Lundeen's Christmas - 13:38, The Christmas Story Re-Told - 11:27, New Year's From New York - 15:12, Storm Home - 13:41 Cassette VG+ $5.99
Garrison Keillor A Prairie Home Companion - Anniversary Album (part two) - I'll Keep On Loving You, D&D Hull Tax Service Spot, Sunday Rag, The Cat Came Back, Olands Tos, Jacks Deep Valley Bed Spot, Answer Only With Your Eyes, Suppertime, All God's Children, The Ballad Of The Maples, Stepstone Cassette VG+ $5.99
Garrison Keillor A Prairie Home Companion Radio Songs & Sketches - Thirty-four of the best-loved, most-requested songs and sketches from the original radio broadcasts of A Prairie Home Companion. Including ... Freelance Writer; American Artistic Association; I Am a Tenor; Car Trip; Memories of Pain; The Management Assumes No Responsibility; Second Methodist Church; Moodism; Reaching Out; Sex; Washing Your Hands; The In and Out Cat Song; The Story of Thanksgiving; My Grandmother's Cat; Animals of Other Lands; Winter Madrigal; The Francis S. Key Story; The Ballad of Peanut Butter; Winged Motivational Products; Twelfth Street Tag; The Old Shower Stall; Am I Boring?; Adversity; Bob Wilson Month; Mavis & Marvin Smiley; American Music Association; Losing Your Job; Vanilla; How Does Our Brain Work?; Dad Angel; Old Folks at Home Cottage Cheese; Swanee Tag; The Announcer; Tuna the Food of My Soul 2 Cassette Set VG+ $11.99
Lowry, Mark Lowry MOUTH IN MOTION - The Date Adventure, Paw Paw's Chin, Face In This World, Exit Row, First Class, Wrong Flight, Every Teacher, Some Other Time, Some Other Place, Open Heart Surgery, This Too Shall Pass Cassette VG+ $5.99
Lowry, Mark Lowry THIS IS THE LIFE - This Is The Life, Through Pittsburgh, Sure Beats Hell, Mama's On Hold, Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na (The Overcomer's Victory Song), If There Were No Tomorrow, Pivot On Your Good Foot, There Is Hope, Go With God Cassette VG+ $5.99
Lowry, Mark Lowry TWENTY STORIES TALL - Take A Pill And Cook The Vegetables, Paw Paw's Chin, Praying To A Single Adult, Wrestling In The Kitchen, Mama Had "Enough", Buses Beds And Bill Gaither, Open Heart Surgery, The Old Sanctuary, Miss Barth, Mama's On Hold, God Likes Hyperactive Kids, Summa Cum Laude, All Mama Ever Wanted, Feelings Or Faith, Alarm Clock, The New Dentist, Exit Row, The Church Brat, Psychiatric Health, Flying With A Baby Cassette VG+ $5.99
Ludlow Porch LUDLOW LIVE - That's Weird, Hospital Weirdness, New York City Weirdnes, Montana, A Nauga Franchise, Weird Children Cassette VG+ $5.99
Mairzy Doats (Mares Eat Oats) 44 WACKY HITS (TAPE 1)- Mairzy Doats, Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo), Across The Alley From The Alamo, Woody Woodpecker, Buttons and Bows,I'm My Own Grandpa, Manana (Is Soon Enough For Me), Cement Mixer (Put-TiPut-Ti), Chantanoogie Sho Shine Boy, Rag Mop, Ragtime Cowboy Joe, Huggin and Chalkin, Mule Train, Twelth Street Rag, Personality, Cruising Down The River Cassette VG+ $6.99
Mairzy Doats (Mares Eat Oats) 44 WACKY HITS (TAPE 2)- I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover, Aba Daba Honeymoon, Too Fat Polka, Temptation (Tim-Tayshun), Bell Bottom Trousers, If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake, Pistol Packin Mama, A Little Bird Told Me, Doctor Lawyer Indian Chief, Doin What Comes Naturlly, I Never See Maggie Alone, Managua - Nicaragua, I'm A Lonely Little Petunia, (In An Onion Patch) A-Fuedin and A-Fightin, Three Little Fishes Cassette VG+ $6.99
Martin, Steve Martin Pure Drivel - (cassette one only) Cassette VG+ $5.99
Miller, Dennis Miller The Rants - (Part One) - Liberals - a dying breed, The Religious Right, Our Legal System, Sexual Harassment, Is Intelligence a Liability, Inefficiency, Victimless Crime, Activism, Violence, Political Correctness, Race, Power, Contemporary Sports, The Homeless, Civility, Criticism, Infomercials Cassette VG+ $5.99
Miller, Dennis Miller The Rants - (Part Two) - What Women Want From Men, Freedom Of Speech, Dysfunction, Fame, Where Is America Headed?, Anger, The Environment, The O.J. Trial - 6/30/95, What's Right With America, Teen Pregnancy, The Presidency, What Men Want From Women, Exercise, Marriage, Homosexuality, Schadenfreude, Parenting, Tabloids Cassette VG+ $5.99
Murphy, Eddie Murphy Buckwheat Cassette VG+ $6.99
Piscopo, Joe Piscopo New Jersey - (With special guests Eddie Murphy, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Gary Kroeger & DST) - The Nightclub, The Honeymooner's rap, Biography, Candid radio, MTV, Ne3w Jersey, Fat Boy, Good Morning America, Music Minus One, I Wanna Sound Like A Black Man, Late Night (including "Witchcraft" & "My Oh My" Cassette VG+ $5.99
Purple People Eater Silly Songs that Tickle Your Funny Bone - Purple People Eater, Witch Doctor, Does Your Chewing Gum Loose Its Flavor (on the bedpost overnight), The Unicorn Song, grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Tie Me Kangaroo Down (Sport), John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt, On Top Of Spaghette, Don't Worry, Be Happy Cassette VG+ $9.99
Ren & Stimpy You Eediot! - The Whistler / Overture, Dog Pound Hop, Muddy Mudskipper Theme, Happy Happy Joy Joy, Firedogs, Batter Than No One, Nose Goblins, Smokin', Log Blues / Log Theme, Captains Log, / Space Madness, Sven Theme / Sven Blues, Don't Whiz On The Electriv Fence, Ren's Pics, I'm Going Be A Monkey, Filthy's Dance, Jungle Boogie, Dizzy Monkees, Kilted Yaksmen Anthem, The Whistler / Underture, Big House Blues Cassette VG+ $7.99
Riley, Joey Riley with Mickey Gilley The King Of Comedy - The Introduction, Stealing My Thunder, Mr. Wigley The Mouse, The Golf Excuse (Giley - Riley - Bandy), The Ranch, The Ranch, The Sheep, The Out House, The Big Day Blue, Poor Boy Song, Cassette VG+ $6.99
Stephenson, Skip Stephenson - The Valley, No On Drugs, Houswives On Diet Pills, The Most Embarrassing Moment, Blow Your Mind, Hand Blasts, Vote No, Paranoia, Divorce, Dating, Catholic School Cassette Still Sealed $7.99
Stevens, Ray Stevens Surely You Joust (with guests Jerry Clower and Minnie Pearl)- Southern Air, People's court, Bionie and the Robotics, Makin' The Best Of A Bad situation, Fat, Can He Love You Half As Much As I, Smokey Mountain Rattlesnake Retreat, The Camping Trip, Camp Werthahekahwee, Dudley Dorite (of highway patrol) Cassette VG+ $5.99
Stevens, Ray Stevens Beside Myself - Your Bozo's back Again, Another Fine Mess, Marion Michael Morrison, Butterfly Inside A Coupe De Ville, There's A Star Spangled banner, I Saw Elvis, In A U.F.O., The Woogie Boogie, Stuck On You, Bad Dancin', I Used To Be Crazy Cassette VG+ $5.99
Stevens, Ray Stevens Crackin' Up ! (Humpty Raymone) - Would Jesus Wear A Rolex, Three Legged Man, Cool Down Willard, I'm My Own Grandpaw, The Ballad Of Catus Pete and Lefty, Sex Symbols, Gourmet Restaurant, The Flies Of Texas Are Upon You, Doctor Doctor (have mercy on me), The Day That Clancy Drowned Cassette VG+ $5.99
Stevens, Ray Stevens I Have Returned - Thus Cacked Henrietta (AKA Also Sprach Zarathustra, Hugo (The Human Cannonball), Vacation Bible School, Armchair Quarterback, The Ballad Of The Blue Cyclone, Part 1, The Ballad Of The Blue Cyclone, Part 2, Kiss A Pig, The Haircut Song, The Pirate Song (I Want To Sing And Dance), Punk Country Love, Santa Claus Is Watching You Cassette VG+ $5.99
Stevens, Ray Stevens Greatest Hits (RCA 1983) - Shriner's Convention, Ahab The Arab, The Streak, Everything Is Beautiful, Mr. Businessman, The Moonlight Special, Misty, Gitarzan, Freddie Feelgood (and his funky little five piece band), The Dooright Family Cassette VG+ $5.99
Stevens, Ray Stevens Greatest Hits (MCA 1987) - The Streak, Shriner's Convention, It's Me Again Margaret, Turn Your Radio On, Misty, The Mississippi Squirrel Revival, Gitarzan, Ahab The Arab, Along Came Jones, Everything Is Beautiful Cassette VG+ $5.99
Stevens, Ray Stevens The Legendary Ray Stevens - Mississippi Squirrel Revival, The Monkees (Theme From), Stuck On You, There's A Star Spangled Banner, Would Jesus Wear A Rolex, It's Me Again Margaret, Your Bozo's Back Again, I Saw Elvis In A U.F.O., The Flies Of Texas Are Upon You, Docto Doctor (Have mercy on me), Gourmet Restaurant Cassette VG+ $5.99
Wacky Favorites Wacky Favorites (tape two) - In The Mood, Auctioneer, Cocktails For Two, The Green Door, Pepino The Italian Mouse, All American Boy, Witch Doctor, The Mississippi Squirrel Revival, Mister Custer, A Boy Named Sue, Dang Me, Running Bear, Spider's & Snakes Cassette VG+ $5.99
Williams, Robin Williams A Night At The Met (explicit language) - Opening, Ballet, Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine, Cops, Reagan, Khadafi,Spring, Men's Parts, Lust, Dr Roof, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Childhood, ... And The Future Cassette VG+ $5.99
Wright, Steven Wright I Have A Pony - Introduction, Ants, Hitchhiking, Ice, Dog Stay, Rachel, 7's And Museums, Water, Jiggs Casey, Cross Country, Book Store, Winny, Apt., Babies And Skiing Cassette VG+ $5.99
Richard Nixon: A Fantasy David Frye, Buddah Records 1973 Stereo LP VG/VG+ $15.00
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