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Large Collection of Vinyl Record Albums For Sale

I have about 3,000 LPs (all 50s&60s). Many Elvis, Beatles, Groups, Pop, Early Country. Also about 1,000 45s (also 50s&60s). Some with covers, also promos. I would consider selling all as a group only. Serious inquiries only. Too many to ship, so buyer would have to pickup in North Carolina. We can talk if you are serious.

I do not have a listing of all material ("yet") but the following is some of the better material:

LP Hull 1001 Shep & The Limelites "Our Anniversary"
LP Capitol 2893 Beach Boys "Stack-o-Tracks" with booklet
LP Atlantic 8003 "The Drifters Featuring Clyde McPhatter" black label (2)
LP Ember 100 "The Five Satins Sing" group on cover, multi-color label
LP Coral 757463 Buddy Holly "Holly in the Hills"
LP Elektra 9002 Doors "Absolutely Live" Promo

I haven't even scratched the surface of what I have.

Quite a bit of R&B, both LP&45.
Early Country & POP LPs.
Almost all the Supremes LPs.
Probably 30-40 Beatles LPs.
Many Elvis LPs & 45s.
One of the Elvis LPs is: RCA LPM-1382 with Band 1 etc. (Not fantastic condition but hard to get).
Some of the 45s are:
EP RCX-175 Elvis Presley "Strictly Elvis" English Copy w/cover
EPA-940 Elvis Presley "The Real Elvis" w/cover
45 Capitol 5112 The Beatles "I Want to Hold Your Hand/I Saw Her Standing There" w/cover
45 Capitol 5498 The Beatles "Yesterday/Act Naturally" w/cover
45 Coral 61885 Buddy Holly "Peggy Sue/Everyday" promo copy
This is just a sample of some of the things I have.
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