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A MUSIC SALE - A Music Locator - Helping you to search, locate and obtain your favorite song or audio recording on Vinyl, Tapes, Cassettes or Records. All Genres of Music including, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Classical, Comedy, Spoken Word and Live Audio Concerts.
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Click here to see CASSETTE TAPES available for sale.

Click here to see COMPACT DISKS available for sale.

Click here to see VINYL ALBUMS available for sale.

Click here to see 45 SINGLES available for sale.

If you are interested in selling music, I urge you to check THE WISH LIST NOW!!! You may have the selection that someone has been searching for!!!

If you don't find an immediate match up there, e-mail us with the musical selections you wish to sell, along with the condition and the asking price. It will be posted for others to find.

If you have some unique or unusual CD's, Records or Tapes that you are willing to part with POST IT here on the MUSIC SALE page. If we can locate a buyer you will be contacted with the asking price. If it seems reasonable to you let us know and for a modest fee, to cover locating the recording and postage and handling, we will secure it for you.

If you have music that you would like to trade click on MUSIC TRADER to post what you have and what you want.

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