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Welcome to the ROBERT SCHUMANN
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Brief synopsis' of the most popular classical music by

Robert Schumann

German, Zwickau, 8 JUN 1810 ~ nr Bonn, 29 JUL 1856
4 Symphonies, 1 Opera, Overtures, Chamber Works
Many Piano Works, Songs and Choral Pieces.

  1. Schumann Carnival
    1835. A collection of piano pieces adapting Jean Paul Prenter's use of contrasting characters depicting different sides of human nature...with the symbolism of masks and dances.

  2. Schumann Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in a

  3. Schumann Davidsbundlertanze
    Davidsbuendlertaenze "Dances of the League of David".

  4. Schumann Kinderscenen Op 15
    Pianist Vladimir Horowitz considered this one of his favorite works. He said each piece was perfect in poetic expression. Schumann composed the work in 1838 for his fiancee Clara Wiek. He told her the cycle of youthful miniatures were peaceful, tender and he expected his future with her to be. The pieces were inspired by a child's sense of wonder. Musorgsky also wrote a children's song cycle called 'The Nursery' and Debussy a 'Children's Corner Suite' and 'Mother Goose Suite' by Ravel. Schumann also wrote his 'Album for the Young' a large group of simple piano pieces for young people to play.

  5. Schumann 'Manfred'

  6. Schumann PC in a
    Schumann wrote many pieces for solo piano, but only one concerto. The date of composition of Robert Schumann's 'Concerto in a, for Piano and Orch', is given as 1845, but the first MMT of this work was actually written four years earlier as an independent composition for piano and orchestra. At that time, the work had the simple title of 'Fantasie'. For this reason the first MMT of this concerto is actually a fantasia in structure. He was 34 years old when it was finished. It was dedicated to his wife Clara shortly after their marriage in 1841. She premiered the work as soloist on Dec 4th 1845.

  7. Schumann Symphony No 1 Spring
    This bright symphony was composed in about four days in January 1841 and orchestrated in February. FP March 31 at the Leipzig Gewandhaus under Mendelssohn. There were some small revisions and the work was finalized in 1853. It is Schumann's musical portrait of Spring.

  8. Schumann Sym No 2

  9. Schumann Sym No 3
    Robert Schumann started his Rhenish Symphony on November 2, 1850, finishing this third symphony on December 9th. The Rhine River in the subtitle, was the inspiration... reflecting the Rhine and it's people. Included are German songs and the stately 4th movement of this five mmt work is known as the "cathedral scene". The composer conducted the first performance on February 6th 1851 in Dusseldorf.

  10. Schumann Sym No 4
    Actually the second effort at a symphony. It was written in 1841 but he set it aside and named his next symphony, the one in C major, as the second. Then in 1851 he re-orchestrated the Sym in d and called it the fourth. He preferred the 1851 version and withdrew earlier versions.

  11. Schumann Toccata, Op 7
    Very percussive piano piece. Very demanding of the pianist. In fact both Arrau and Kempff excluded it from their recordings of most of Schumann's solo piano works. Sviatoslav Rhichter has recorded it.

  12. Schumann Traumerei (Dreaming)
    Reverie or relaxing daydreaming. Well known work from "Scenes from Childhood", a collection of piano pieces. See: Kinderscenen.

  13. Schumann Waldscenen (VALD See nin)
    'Forest Scenes', Op 82, dates from 1848. Critic panned the work on first hearing. They said it had a smoothness unlike the brilliance of his earlier works for piano. Perhaps a turn to intimacy..from the grand concert pieces.

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