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Brief synopsis' of the most popular classical music by

Richard Georg Strauss

Munich, 11 JUN 1864 ~ Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 8 SEP 1949
Operas, Ballets and Stage Works
Orchestral, Chamber and Choral Works
Piano and Vocal Works

  • Strauss, R A Hero's Life
    See 'Ein Heldenleben' below, it is an alternately boisterous and beautifully lyrical tone poem. Most critics say it is autobiographical but Strauss said it was about an average man who's heroism lies in his triumph over the battles of life.

  • Strauss, R Alpine Symphony
    Richard Strauss composed this symphony beween 1911 and 1915. It was arranged for full orchestra, including 20 horns, organ and thunder and wind machines. The Dresden Court orchestra gave the FP. As you listen you will ascend from night to sunrise in the forest, visit the brook, meadow, pasture, glacier and then a precarious moment at the summit. Then there will be a storm, sunset and nightfall.

  • Strauss, R Also Spracht Zarathustra, Op 30 (1896)
    Eight visions of man by German philosopher Nietzsche from primate to godlike asperations. The prophet who leaves the world of men who seek wisdom in solitude. A superman preaching views of life and death and a joyfilled compatible relationship with God and the universe. FP in Frankfurt in 1896 under the composers direction.

  • Strauss, R Bourgeouis Gentilhomme, Le
    Suite for the Bourgeouis Gentleman, Op 60. A failed stage play from 1916. The music survives in the suite FP in Jan 1920.

  • Strauss, R. Dance of the Seven Veils See 'Salome'

  • Strauss, R. Death and Transfiguration
    Tod und Verklarung.

  • Strauss, R. Der Rosenkavalier

  • Strauss, R. Die Frau ohne Schatten
    The opera "The Woman Without a Shadow". FP in Vienna 1919. Hugo Von Hofmanstall was the libretist.

  • Strauss, R. Don Juan
    Op. 20. He composed 'Don Juan' in 1888, (He was 20 years old) and it was his first highly individualized score. FP in November 1889. It helped to establish Strauss as Germany's most promising composer since Wagner. It is the story of the virile, all-conquering Spanish lover who succeeds to woo and win one conquest after another. You'll only hear two conquests in this work, one stated by violin the other by oboe depicting adventures in the arena of amour.

  • Strauss, R Don Quixote
    The fantastic variations on a theme of knightly character for large orchestra, Op 35. The 6th of the 7 tone poems of Richard Strauss, all written between 1888 and 1898. Strauss finished Don Quixote in December of 1897. FP in Cologne in March of 1898. It is based on Cervantes novel.

  • Strauss, R Ein Heldenleben
    Richard Strauss, Op 40 (1898), FP in Berlin 1899. "A Hero's Life", Ein Heldenleben is an alternately boisterous and lyrical tone poem which critics and reviewers also say is an autobiographical work. Strauss, however, said it was about an average man who's heroism lies in triumph over the normal battles of life. The subtitles in the work are...The Hero...The Hero's Adversaries...The Hero's Helpmate...The Hero's Battlefield...The Hero's Work of Peace...The Hero's escape from the world and his fulfillment.

  • Strauss, R. Macbeth
    Op 23, Composed in 1888 and reworked with a new ending in 1890. FP in Weimar (VY' mar) on Oct 13, 1890 with Has Von Bulow conducting. The work depicts melodramatic elements of Shakespears tragedy.

  • Strauss, R. Metamorphoses

  • Strauss, R Oboe Concerto
    Written in 1945 at the request of John de Lancie, at the time an American GI who met the famed composer during WWII. De Lancie was to become the principle oboist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. DeLancie made a recording of the work some 45 years later with the London Symphony under Andre Previn.
    Strauss: Oboe Concerto/de Lancie, soloist (RCA 7989).

  • Strauss, R. Salome
    Dance of the Seven Veils.

  • Strauss, R. Sinfonia Domestica
    Composed to immortalize himself and his family in his music. Composed in Berlin and England around 1902.

  • Strauss, R. Till Eulenspiegel, Op 28
    ( til OILen Spee gul)

  • Strauss, R. Thus Spake Zarathustra See 'Also Spoke Zarathustra'

  • Strauss, R. Tod und Verklarung See 'Death and Transfiguaration'

Richard Strauss (20Th-Century Composers) -- Tim Ashley, Richard Strauss; Paperback

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