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Welcome To Mr. B's "Yard Sale" CHECK IT OUT!

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Mr. Bís "Yard Sale"
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Welcome To Mr. B's "Yard Sale" CHECK IT OUT

I'm here to serve the needs of fellow clowns and magicians.
Thank you for letting me serve YOU!!

My name is Mike Beauchemin aka Spike The Clown aka Mr.B The Magician. I have been performing tricks since I was very young. In 1983, I took a clown class and incorporated the two. Now I have gone one step further and started a business selling magic tricks and clown makeup and supplies so other people can enjoy
being a clown, magician or both.
Below are links to products I have for sale, (as well as other various links). You can order what you want online or write down what you would like to order and send a check or money order, FOR YOUR BENEFIT, NO CASH PLEASE, to:

Mr. B's Fun Shop
8 Exchange St.
Phelps, NY 14532

Then within 4-6 weeks if you order by snail mail,OR,about 1 week if you order online, you will be on your way to being a performer.

>Payment policy: Payment must be received before shipping. No refunds on tricks or opened makeup.
Shipping Charges:As of May of 2006 there is a flat rate shipping charge of $15.00 to all US and Canadian orders and $20.00 to international orders. I know this sounds like a lot if you are making a small purchase. BUT the good news is you will receive a refund for any amount over the actual shipping charge.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, you can click on the e-mail address below or you may choose to call me at 1-315-548-4315. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for visiting Mr. B's Fun Shop.

If you have AIM(aol instant messenger)and want to find out if I am online,put me in your Buddy list as Mr Spike4 and/or Idomagic2. I currently have 2 names for the AIM.

Mike Beauchemin

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