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Howzer's Movie Posters

Posters A - F

The posters listed below are standard movie release ONE SHEETS measuring approximately 27"x40", unless otherwise indicated. Today, the demand for movie memorabilia is at an all time high. Demand and availability have driven up the value of some of the more popular titles. Consequently, many titles are selling out faster than ever. Please remember, this is just a partial list of the many posters that we have in stock. If you do not see what you are looking for... just ask!! (send us an e-mail.) Please note: Prices are current at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

Animal House

Blues Brothers Breakfast Club Caddyshack


* Above the Law. Stephen Segal. Original One Sheet-$30

* Above the Rim. Tupac Shakur. One Sheet-$18

* Abyss, The. Ed Harris. One Sheet-$20

* Ace Ventura - Pet Detective. Jim Carrey. One Sheet-$30

* Ace Ventura 2 - When Nature Calls. Jim Carrey. One Sheet-$18

* Adventure of Ford Fairlane. Andrew Dice Clay. Advance One Sheet ("He's A Dick")-$20

* Against All Odds. Jeff Bridges, Rachel Ward. One Sheet Folded-$25

* Air Up There. Kevin Bacon. One Sheet-$18

* Air Heads. Judd Nelson, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler. One Sheet-$20

* Air America. Mel Gibson. One Sheet-$18

* Alien. Italian Reprint-$25

* All the Right Moves. Tom Cruise. One Sheet Folded-$30

* American President,The. Michael Douglas, Annette Benning. One Sheet-$18

* American Warewolf in London. 40"x60"-$30

* Amos and Andrew. Nicolas Cage, Sammuel L. Jackson. One Sheet-$18

* Animal House. One Sheet Reprint-$25

* Apollo 13. Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon. Adv. One Sheet-$18, Reg. One Sheet-$20


* Babe, The. John Goodman. One Sheet-$18

* Bachelor Party. Tom Hanks. One Sheet Folded-$20

* Backdraft. Kurt Russell, Robert Deniro. 27"x40" Reprint-$18

* Bach to the Future. Soundtrack Poster-$25, 17"x23" Video-$18

* Back to the Future II. Adv. Style A-$35, Reg-$25

* Back to the Future III. One Sheet-$18

* Bad Boys. Martin Lawrence, Will Smith. One Sheet-$20

* Bad Girls. Madeline Stowe, Drew Barrymore. One Sheet-$18

* Bad Lieutenant, The. Harvey Keitel. 27"x40" Reprint-$18

* Bad News Bears. 14"x36"-$35, 30"x40"-$40

* Barb Wire. Pamela Anderson Lee. One Sheet-$18

* Basic Instinct. Michael Douglas, Sharron Stone. 27"x40" Reprint-$18, 27"x41" British-$20

* Batman Forever. Val Kilmer. Jim Carrey. Reg. One Sheet-$20

* Beaches. One Sheet Folded-$25

* Beetlejuice. Michael Keeton. One Sheet-$30

* Benny & Joon. Johnny Dep, Mary Stuart Masterson. Style A Reprint-$18, Video One Sheet-$18

* Better Off Dead. John Cusack. One Sheet-$30

* Beverly Hills Cop. One Sheet-$25

* Big Chill, The. One Sheet Folded-$30

* Big Top Pee Wee. One Sheet-$25

* Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. 25"x39" Video-$20

* Black Rain. Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia. One Sheet-$20

* Black Sheep. Chris Farley, David Spade. One Sheet-$18

* Bloodsport. Jeane-Claude Van Damme. One Sheet Folded-$30, Italian Reprint-$25

* Blown Away. Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones. One Sheet-$18

* Blues Brothers. Belushi & Akroyd. 27"x40" Reprint-$20

* Body Double. 27"x41" Folded-$25

* Bodyguard. Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston. 27"x40" Reprint-$18

* Boiling Point. Wesley Snipes. One Sheet-$18

* Bolero. Bo Derek. One Sheet Folded-$35

* Boys on the Side. Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore. One Sheet-$18

* Brady Bunch- The Movie. Shelly Long. One Sheet-$18

* Bravehart. Mel Gibson. Reprint One Sheet-$18, Reg. One Sheet Style B-$30

* Breakfast Club. 27"x40" reprint-$25

* Bridges of Madison County. Clint Eastwood. One Sheet-$18

* Broken Arrow. Christian Slater, John Travolta. Adv. One Sheet-$20

* Buddy Holly Story. Gary Busey. One Sheet Folded-$25

* Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Kirsty Swanson. Luke Perry. Style B-$20


* Caddyshack. Chevy Chase. 23"x35" Reprint-$20

* Cape Fear. Robert DeNiro. One Shet-$35

* Cave Man. Ringo Starr. One Sheet Folded-$25

* City Slickers. One Sheet-$30

* Clear and Present Danger. Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe. One Sheet-$18

* Clerks. 24"x36" British Reprint-$20

* Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Dir. S. Spielberg. One Sheet Folded-$35

* Clueless. Alicia Sylverstone. One Sheet-$20

* Cocktail. Tom Cruise. 27"x41" Folded-$25

* Code of Silence. Chuck Norris. One Sheet-$20

* Conan: The Barbarian. A. Schwarzenegger. Adv. One Sheet-$45

* Copycat. Holly Hunter, Sigourney Weaver, Harry Conick Jr. One Sheet-$20

* Crow, The. 27"x40" Reprint-$20

* Crying Game, The. Stephen Rea. One Sheet-$25


* Dangerous Minds. Michelle Pfeiffer. One Sheet-$18

* Dawn of the Dead. One Sheet Folded-$45

* Days of Thunder. Tom Cruise. One Sheet Reg.-$20

* Dazed and Confused. Reprint of Regular One Sheet-$18

* Dead Man Walking. Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn. One Sheet-$18

* Dead Pool, The. Clint Eastwood. Original One Sheet-$25

* Deer Hunter. Robert DeNiro. Italian Reprint-$25

* Demolition Man. Stallone, Snipes. One Sheet-$18

* Desperado. Antonio Banderas. One Sheet-$20

* Die Hard. Bruce Willis. 26"x38" Reprint-$18

* Die Hard II. B. Willis. One Sheet-$20

* Die Hard III. Die Hard With a Vengence. Bruce Willis. One Sheet-$20

* Dirty Dancing. 26"x38" Reprint-$18

* Dracula. Gary Oldman. 27"x40" Reprint-$18, French Style B (like U.S. Reg.)-$30

* Dumb and Dumber. Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels. Advance One Sheet-$30


* Edward Scissorhands. Johnny Depp, Winona Rider. One Sheet-$20

* Empire Records. Liv Tyler. One Sheet-$20

* Escape From Alcatrez. One Sheet Folded-$25

* Exorcist, The. Linda Blair. British Reprint-$20


* Fan, The. R. DeNiro, Wesley Snipes. One Sheet-$20

* Far and Away. Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman. One Sheet-$25

* Fargo. 23"x35" British Reprint

* Few Good Men, A. Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson. Video (sam as original)-$20

* Flatliners. Julia Roberts. One Sheet Folded-$25

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