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Tractor Serial Numbers

1949 ZAS 0074900057 This tractor was purchased in 1984 and the engine was totally rebuilt in 1986.

1951 ZAU 00605261 No, this number is not a misprint, it is believed to be from a second production run in 1951. It will run but sits waiting for hood , brake work and paint.

Model U Serial number plate is missing. Engine number is 348067, does anyone have an engine number close to this , I think it was built in 1942 or later. Any help on this would be appreciated.

Model U Serial number plate missing. Engine number is 01910660 I believe this one to be 1952.

Model UTI Serial number plate missing. Engine number is 01925376. I think this unit was built in 1953 or 54 . It is equipped with a shuttle transmission, also Lull Industrial Loader. The engine has been rebuilt, the hood replaced, now all it needs is some seals replaced ,a good cleaning and paint. This is not going to be an easy job!

Model U 335695 This one needs some radiator work, complete engine rebuild , brake work and paint. Those four jobs should keep me off the streets for a while.

Model U Special 01214158 This tractor came from western Canada. It was running on three cylinders when I bought it a few years ago, it's in my shop now getting the engine completely rebuilt It is in good condition otherwise but I'll still give it a paint job.

Model G 0164900432 This one came from near Regina Saskatchewan in 1989. The engine was seized but I soaked it with penatrating oil overnight and the next afternoon started to rock the flywheel. It took about two hours and it was free. It still would not run, the points were oxidized and the wiring looked like it had been struck by lightning. It took about four hours to get it up and running good.

I enjoy going to antique tractor pulls with the G anywhere from Niagara Antique Power to Mt Brydges We use it at nearly every show for a pull back tractor. It weighs 7000lbs and once in a while it comes up in first place.

Somebody out there used to advertise new manifolds for 283 Moline engines and now when I need a manifold I cannot find the name or address. Does anyone else remember , I am not sure if they were located in Michigan or Ohio; any help would be appreciated.

"Other Old Iron"

Case Model C 1929 serial number 306234 This tractor has new sheet metal but there is no gas tank. Needs some assembly, batteries not included. On original steel wheels.

Case Model DC4 serial number 5417610 Older restoration engine excellent, paint is real good, rubber is good. Hydraulic outlets but not live.

Case Model D serial number 5611673 Parts or restoration, needs radiator core, grill, hood , mag. One good rear tire, front tires fair now but the SUN will soon get them. Live hydraulic outlets, P.T.O. . Hydraulic system rebuilt just before parking.

Green Cockshutt serial number 804554 This tractor has what appears to be factory applied Oliver 80 decals on the fuel tank on top of Cockshutt 80. The engine has been totaly rebuilt at great expense. I still need fenders and all the bits and pieces that go with them . I would like to sell this one too but I don't think anyone would be interested with a price tag of $4200.00 Canadian currency.

LeRoi Tractair serial number 1247435 This tractor was built in 1947 and spent several years in equipment rental service. It is not in the best of condition but still comes in handy on sandblasting jobs.

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