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Edward Lewis



Hostile Ground: Defusing and Restraining Violent Behavior & Physical Assaults by Edward Lewis
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LPI SERVICES is a Washington State Licensed Private Investigative Agency No.796, Washington State Registered Process Server, Washington State Registered Counselor - Bonded/Insured. LPI SERVICES has received training from some of the best in the field of investigations, including a former judge, ex-law enforcement officials, ex-government agents, and seasoned investigators who helped write the laws that govern the state of Washington’s private investigation industry. LPI SERVICES is part of a national & international network, utilizes professional and high tech equipment. We have investigated cases associated with murder, assault, suicide, burglary, check fraud, missing persons, surveillance, background info, divorce, custody, civil rights, asset searches, and drugs. We are a member of the National Association of Fraud Investigators, Washington Association of Legal Investigators, National Association of Investigative Specialists, Association of Christian Investigators, and the Alliance of Investigative & Security Specialists. Edward Lewis is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University. He is a former Child Protective Service caseworker, professional assault restraining team coordinator, group life counselor for dysfunctional families and juvenile offenders. He served as field case manager for mentally ill veterans in coordination with court appointed guardians. He is a violence prevention program consultant and martial art Master. He created and founded his own style of martial arts called Yao Mun Nomad which is recognized internationally. He is listed in “Who’s Who In Karate” 1982. He once served as backstage body guard at a Beach Boys Concert and was a self defense instructor for one of the northwest chapters of the Guardian Angels. Lewis also was the NW Regional Director for KICK (Karate International Council of Kickboxing-Chuck Norris International Advisor). Lewis monitored and organized PRO/AM events, trained kickboxers and investigated rule violations. He has conducted projects in association with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Project KidCare, Metropolitan Development Council and SAFE STREET. Mr. Lewis has been a special guest on Seattle radio station KWJZ 98.9. He is “Author of the Month” for December 1999 with Paladin Press. His book “Hostile Ground: Defusing and Restraining Violent Behavior and Physical Assaults” is now available.

253-761-2574 or 253-502-7561
2421 So. Union Ave. #188, Tacoma, Washington 98405