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The Log Farm

The Log Farm is an unpolished gem. The natural variety in the lay of the land, the ponds, the bush, the cultivated fields, and the heritage site in it's self is just fantastic. It is such a warm and pleasant place, a real solitude right within the city limits. The noise and the lights of the city can be seen and heard, but the songs of the birds and the sounds of the wildlife overpower the city. It is darker here at night, and the ambiance of the whole farm is peace.

When you see the old buildings, touch the old farm implements, see and smell the horses and watch them work in the fields fenced with the old split rail snake fences, it makes you fully understand and appreciate the work our forefathers did to build this country we proudly call Canada.

Here at the Log Farm history is real. You can see it, touch it, and consequently understand it in a way you only can from first hand experience.

Don't come rushed, come for the day and bring an old fashioned picnic lunch; really feel the peace that is so evident at the Log Farm.

The Log Farm Foundation News Release

As of July 1st, 1997 admission to this authentic 1870s farm is FREE, ( a nominal charge will be levied for special events only)!!! Road in Nepean, just south of the West Hunt Club Road and the new 416 interchange.