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Everyone has a special day--Birthday, Wedding Day, Anniversary! Now you can celebrate that special day by having a personalized Life Keepsake created just for you!

Remember your Wedding Day with a Life Keepsake-- Records the special events that happened in history on the day you were married. Romantic songs at the top of the charts on your special day. Includes facts about the month you chose to marry in, and a romantic quote just for you! Personalized with your names and wedding date. Choose flower border or wedding bells.

For baby's birthday choose a Baby Life Keepsake-- Includes the meaning of your baby's name. The special events that happend in history the day baby was born. A list of famous people that share baby's birthday. Baby's special Bible verse. Facts about the month your baby was born in. Choose rocking horse border, flower border, or sports border.

For a child's birthday choose the Birthday Life Keepsake Includes the meaning of your child's name. The special events that happened in history the day they were born. A list of famous people that share your child's birthday. A special bible verse for your child. Facts about the month your child was born in. Choose birthday cake border, balloon border, flower border, sports or multi-color border.

Each Life Keepsake is 8 1/2 by 11 inches, printed on parchment, accented with colorful borders, and ready to frame. This offer available for a limited time! Send for yours today! Each Keepsake is FREE--please enclose $3.00 for shipping and handling. U.S and Canada orders only please. This offer generously provided by Keepsake Creations--personalized Keepsake Albums for all of life's special occasions.
Please include the following information when ordering: Wedding/Anniversary Couple's name and wedding date Baby/Child's Birthday Baby or Child's name and birth date
Please PRINT or TYPE the information as we cannot process handwritten submissions. Send $3.00 check or money order to: Keepsake Creations, 407 Lyme Street, Bellevue, Ohio 44811 Orders processed in four to six weeks
Examples of these items will be appearing shortly. Bookmark this sight and come back often.

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