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Larry Boxer

About the author:

    Gambling writer and columnist, Casino and Casino Executive magazines; nationally known broadcaster, and host/producer of Gambler's Forum, the first gambling talk show in the Los Angeles area.

    * * * * *

    As an expert on the game of craps, I have a fairly unusual opinion of how the game works. When I say "unusual," I simply mean that my view is not shared by the majority of craps players. The reason for this is that the majority of players simply don't understand how randomness works.

    I can't promise that when you read what I have to say you'll make thousands, or even hundreds of dollars. You will SAVE hundreds of dollars by understanding the dynamics of what is going on in the casino.

    I will send to you the clearest most concise explanation of the dynamics of randomness, timelines, and luck in craps ever printed anywhere. When you are finished reading the 20 pages of information I send you, you will have a completely new insight into the game and you will be a better player!

    I'm NOT pitching any system and I'm not going to tell you HOW to bet. My goal is simply to change the way you view the game of craps. After reading what I have to say, you will play the game better and enjoy it more, on your own.

    Here are some of the important questions I can answer for you:

    • Why does everyone know what the dice are supposed to do...except the dice?
    • How does the timeline of a specific table apply to the individual player's timeline?
    • Is it better to table-hop or stick it out, even at a cold table?
    • Why does the normal distribution curve of dice numbers favor the house and not the player?
    • Can hot or cold cycles be predicted?
    • What, exactly, is luck? And, what role does it play in craps?
    • Why the casinos don't care if you win!
    • Why Einstein was wrong in being afraid that the universe might be a "crapshoot".

    If you truly believe that you know all the answers already, you are wrong, and you will lose.

    For $9.95 (U.S. funds), about the cost of ONE average craps bet, I'll send you the material that will save you many times over that amount in just one session! It's in your best financial interests as a gambler to read and understand the theory behind the casino's "edge" before you make another bet.

    Here's what craps players who've read "Craps, Knowledge is $$$" are saying...

    "Boxer nails it. A great explanation of casino dynamics and what's really happening with every roll of the dice!"
    ...ADR, professional poker and craps player

    "Must reading for every player! The normal distribution curve of a pair of dice is the mortal enemy of the craps player. Understanding deviations and the concept of timelines are important player tools in game of craps. Good job!"

    ...CK, black chip-rated craps player

    "I love this! Thank you Larry for your help!"

    ...LB, Chicago

    "This was a good investment...when you said we'd save many times over the amount we paid, you weren't kidding. Thanks"

    ...MR, Sydney, Austrailia

    "...makes me want to shake my friends by the shoulders and yell, 'Read this!' "

    ...AP, Omaha

    TO ORDER "Craps, Knowledge is $$$"

    Send $9.95 (U.S. funds) check or money order to:

    L. BOXER
    26893 Bouquet Canyon Road, Suite# C-311
    Santa Clarita, CA 91350

    BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR PAYMENT. The document will be emailed to you upon receipt of your order.

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