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My First Complete Doll

This will be my first doll carried through to completion. It is my mother and it really does look exactly like her. When she is finished, she will be sitting in a chair doing a crossword puzzle. I plan to update this page as I complete each step.

Painting her face was quite a challenge! Would you believe it took a full day? I highly recommend smoothing the clay as much as possible before baking. The paint goes on much easier on smooth clay.

The first picture is the wire armature covered in tape. The last two pictures are the top and bottom of the armature with the hands and feet attached. I'll be so glad to get my new digital camera so I don't have to keep smooshing her into awkward positions on the scanner. :)

This photo shows the armature wrapped in batting.

In this one, I've sewn on the body stocking.

I added the breastplate to the head. From now on I will add the breastplate before I bake the head.

The breastplate attached to the body. A little bit of hair and clothes and I'll have myself a doll. It feels so cool to hold her. My very first doll. :)