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An international cookbook with 266 gourmet recipes with 46 color pictures, covering over 15 different cuisines. It is one of the best international selection of gourmet recipes available in the United States. It offers delicious and healthy choices from the Mediterranean cuisines (such as Turkish, Italian, and Spanish), exquisite selections from European cuisines (such as French, Swiss, and Austrian), and recipes from Asian to North American cuisines. The unique, easy-to-follow and made-to-perfect recipes are arranged to cover the full dining experience from soup, salad, and appetizer to main course with meat, poultry or seafood to pastry, bread and dessert. It is an excellent guide for who wants to try the different, authentic and exquisite dishes for special occasions and parties. This collection of great tastes from the world's top-rated cuisines is a perfect gift for your family or friends. If you are familiar with the recipes, but you feel that you do not have accurate recipes for these selections you would wish to add this book to your kitchen library.

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