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Kaleidoscopes by Coleman

Kaleidoscopes! Using such exotic woods as African padauk, cocobolo, purple heart and others, Coleman "turns" out beautiful 'scopes on his lathe. Each Kaleidoscope is unique - hand crafted from exotic woods and now Corion. Design your own Corian scope buy picking you color from the Corian web page. 61 different colors... mix and match for some great combinations!!!

All scopes are top quality and therefore use only first surface mirrors for the best image possible. Coleman has been creating hand crafted kaleidoscopes several years and numbers each individual one. He now makes special stands for each and on the back of the stand, you will find the Coleman seal and the number of the kaleidoscope in the collection. Prices range from $60 for wooden models to $70 for Corion kaleidoscopes. These prices include a stand and delivery.

For more information, please contact:
Steve Coleman
12819 S. 126 E. Ave.
Broken Arrow, OK 74011

Or, email can be sent to

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