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Top Draw


It's Never Been Easier!

If you can turn on a computer you can use Top Draw

Top Draw Tournament Management will speed and simplify the management of your sporting events. It allows you to create and maintain a permanent database of players entering your tournaments. From this database you will be able to produce event draws, match advice, score sheets, player and event lists, reports and customised mailing lists.

Primarily designed for tennis, Top Draw can be used for any sport that uses similar formats. Draws and seeding procedures accord with Tennis Australia or the International Tennis Federation. Special draws that have been devised by Top Draw Tournament Management are part of the program. These are the TOP Draw and Consolation formats that allow extra matches for losing players.

Player Details screens are designed to accommodate Tennis Australia National Tennis Player Ratings and Computer Code numbers. These fields can be utilised to meet local needs. The accurate format of draws is the essence of the Top Draw program. Facilities to edit the positions of unseeded players are included as options, but only within the constraints of the various draw formats.

The program includes many safeguards to prevent the incorrect entry of players into events. It checks on age and gender as entries are made, including partners. Time draw information appears on all draws, including Round Robins, and creates detailed score sheets and player advice.

Top Draw makes the tournament manager's life a lot easier. The program is professionally written in 'C' and is exceptionally fast. Screens are pleasant to the eye and easy to read. Data is saved to hard disk as you exit each screen. All capacities are accessed directly from the Main Menu. Screen messages advise you if you have taken a wrong step. The manual is concise and depicts each screen as you move through the various steps.

Order A Demonstration
Demonstration Software
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To order a demonstration disk in the USA and Canada, go directly to the Greencourt Software Order Form. To receive a free demonstration disk within Australia, email A small processing charge may apply in other areas. The demonstration version will allow you to familiarise yourself with Top Draw by setting up small trial tournaments with small events. The manual provides special advice for this purpose. Add a time draw. Record results. Draw, undraw and redraw events. Print to printer or file and examine your work as you go. All data can be deleted or restored easily.


  • 16 tournaments concurrently
  • 40 venues/tournament
  • 64 events/tournament
  • 256 entries/events (512 players if doubles)
  • 8,000 matches/venue/day/tournament
  • 20 singles entries/player/tournament
  • 10 doubles entries/player/tournament
  • 30,000 player records total

Hardware required:

  • IBM PC or compatible (386 minimum), 8 inch printer
  • 15 inch dot matrix and A3 laser printer parameters are options


or if you are tired of relying on volunteer workers (maybe you are that worker who is always called upon), consider using the Top Draw Service . All pre tournament work is done for you for only $1.80 per person per event; easily included in the entry fee you charge each competitor.


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