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( Established 1991 - Canadian Coast Guard Approved - CAA & AAA Approved )

Coastal Sightseeing Tour

This tour is offered as an alternative when adverse weather, such as dense fog or strong winds prohibits scheduled whale watching excursion from being offered.

During the 4 hour voyage, passengers will receive an informative and breathtaking tour of Grand Manan Island's rugged coastline. Narrated personally with the aid of a public address system, Captain Dana Russell will educate passengers on island history, geology, plus various aspects of the fishing industry such as the weir seining and dulse harvesting.

Herring weirs are kidney shaped fish traps constructed from "weir stakes" measuring perhaps up to 70 ft in length which have been driven into the ocean bottom. These "weirs" are located along the shore line and are designed to trap schools of herring. The term "weir seining" is the process of removing the herring from the fish trap which are then transported to market by boat.

Dulse on the other hand is a sea vegetable which attaches its roots to rocks and grows at the low tide level. It is harvested by hand and then sun-dried on drying grounds or "spreading fields" on Grand Manan. If the tides permit, passengers may witness the weirmen and dulse pickers at work!

Atlantic salmon aquaculture is playing an ever increasing role in the economy of Grand Manan Island. During the coastal sightseeing tour passengers will visit an aquaculture site and be educated on the various aspects of this growing industry. If it is feeding time they may witness 20 to 30 lb atlantic salmon having lunch!

Spectacular scenery including cliffs ranging from 100 to 400 ft, plus geological formations such as the "Hole in the Wall" and "Seven Days Work" are a wonder to behold.

Seals, porpoise and occasionally baleen whales are seen along the tour route but whale sightings are not guaranteed due to the limited numbers which frequent this area.

For the bird watching enthusiast, Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons are known to nest along the high cliffs plus pelagic birds such as Eiders, Terns, Shearwaters and Blue Heron are a common sight.

All efforts are made to conduct scheduled whale watch excursions on a daily basis but if adverse weather prohibits the excursions from being offered, the "Coastal Sightseeing Tour" as you can see, will be very educational and interesting as well.

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