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Down Among the Weeds: The Sargasso Sea Stories of William Hope Hodgson

One of William Hope Hodgson's major contributions to weird literature was the creation of the Sargasso Sea; a strange, horrible place filled with giant ocean terrors and dead, decaying ships. It remains one of the most unique creations in horror fiction.

This special anthology collects together for the first time all of the Sargasso Sea stories written by WHH with a special commentary by Sam Gafford on the Sargasso Sea mythology and influence on other writers. Collected here are such classics as "From the Tideless Sea," "More News from the Homebird," "The Derelict," "The Weed Men," and more! If you're looking for some of WHH's best weird fiction then this is the place to start!

This collection is a great way to satisfy your WHH craving before these stories appear in THE COMPLETE WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON LIBRARY. Under our present schedule, these stories will not be reprinted until after the year 2000! So don't wait that long to find out why the entire weird fiction community is clamoring for more WHH!




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