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The Lodger

by Marie Belloq Lowndes

When the monstrous Jack the Ripper was stalking London in the late 1880's, there were many theories thrown around for the identity of the mysterious killer. Soon after, Marie Belloq Lowndes took pen to paper and set one of the most popular theories to fiction and became the writer of the first true "Ripper" novel.

In THE LODGER, a kindly old couple (down on their luck and desperate for cash) take in a mysterious stranger as a lodger in their quiet London home. While they adjust to life with their new tenant, a horrible series of murders occur that throw the city into a panic. Slowly, as the murders increase, they begin to wonder if their new lodger, with his strange and peculiar habits, could be the killer? But, when they find out the truth, will it be too late to save them?

Primarily known for this novel, Lowndes provides a window into life in late Victorian London as well as uncannily capturing the site and feeling of a city in the grip of fear and terror. Although primarily known because of it's Ripper connection, THE LODGER remains a solid read and an early example of serial killer fiction.



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