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Far Off Things

by Arthur Machen

Few would argue that Arthur Machen was one of the most talented of the weird writers of the early part of this century. But fewer still know much about Machen's life and struggles to survive and create great literature.

In this, the first of Machen's three autobiographies, he discusses his early childhood and growing up the son of a poor Welsh parson. Machen's descriptions of his youth among the green fields of rural Wales bear a strong resemblance to that of his lead character in THE HILL OF DREAMS. Astute readers will find many similarities between that novel and this autobiography as Machen wove his childhood and impressions into what became one of his most personal novels.

Even more stunning are the passages where Machen describes the allure of the old London upon his soul and his utter poverty and despair during his first stay there.

The first of three autobiographies (the remaining two will be released by Hobgoblin Press in the coming year), FAR OFF THINGS is a delightful glimpse into the early life of a writer who claimed to "dream in fire, write in clay."




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