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The Hottest Thing on Two Feet...

Cold Feet? Get HeatShields!

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HeatShields are a multi-thermal layer of proven heat reflecting materials.
The shaped design eliminates cutting or size fits all boots.
Take the first step toward warmer feet...
In minutes, put HeatShields in your boots.

HeatShields work well in all boots that have a removable liner.
This includes most Ski Boots and many Snowboard, Snowmobile,
Ice Climbing, All Weather, Hunting and Cold Weather Boots.
HeatShields are very thin so your boots will still fit great.

We have been told HeatShields work great in boots
that have electric heaters to allow heaters to be used at
a lower setting to conserve batteries and to provide
greater comfort during power failures.

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HeatShields have been a part of helping to sponsor Disabled Sports
and are proud to see people strive and achieve their personal best.
We have worked with US Passport and US Disabled Sports,
helped to sponsor The Keystone State Games and the Ski Windham Disabled Sports Program.
Please join us in supporting achievement and adventure for all!

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Don't miss out on cold weather adventure, fun and enjoyment
just because you need HeatShields in your boots...

You can find HeatShields in the Coolest Ski and Snowboard Shops in the USA or order online.

For additional information contact:

Howells and Associates
P.O. Box 604 Dallas, PA U.S.A. 18612-0604
phone/fax 717-696-2042
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