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Safety Pin and Bead Crafts

Products Available

Safety Pin Angel- this angel stands approx 6" tall and can be used as a tree topper or it stands alone on table or night stand makes a wonderful guardian angel. finished angel is $15.00 and the kit is $9.95

Christmas tree- comes in three sizes small-medium-large. The small christmas tree stands 6" and the cost finished tree is $13.98 and the kit is $7.98 The medium tree stands 9" tall and the cost is $15.98 finished and $9.98 for the kit. The large tree stands 11" and cost $19.98 finished and the kit is $13.98

Beaded Tiffany Lamps- comes in three sizes 8 1/2" -10"- 13". there are 4 different styles of the 8" lamps and the cost of the 8" lamps is $20.00 finished and $14.00 for the kit. The 10" lamp runs $ 24.00 finished and $18.00 in the kit all kits and finished products include the 72" cord and on/off switch
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