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Celebrate the Holidays The Natural Way-
with a Fresh and Fragrant Balsam Fir Wreath
from Aunt Rhodie's.
available christmas 2001

We raise our fir without artificial fertilizers, colorants, or pesticides. We do this because we believe in being very careful about the health of our environment. Harsh artificial fertilizers disrupt the healthy micro-organisms in the soil, and often end up washing into lakes and streams where they can cause algae bloom- a condition fatal to fish. We don't use them. Instead we rely on time tested methods of composting, and cover-cropping to slowly but steadily build up the fertility in our soil. Nor do we use poisons on any of our trees. Sometimes that means we have to work harder to find the perfect tips we use in our wreaths, but we know the soil, the water, and all the living creatures there can also celebrate this winter holiday. And at Christmas/Solstice/Channukah isn't it right that all living beings rejoice?

We are certified, by the way, by MOFGA, The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.


To the shepherds who touch to earth with kind and gentle hands,
may freedom to live be ever found
in this and all your lands.

We hope your lowly sheep camp is safe, secure, and warm,
with a glowing hearth to take you
through every winter storm.

As the frosted pines brush heaven in the nights that are December,
may your blessings be more than you ever hoped for,
and more than you remember.
- author unknown

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