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The Gypsywagon Hits the Road!

We love to travel...but we love to

Singer Lyle Lovett had a song which said," If I had a boat, I would sail it on the ocean, and if I had a pony, I would ride him on the boat."

Well, we at Aunt Rhodie's have neither boats nor ponies, although we've had boats and ponies in days gone by... But we do have the gypsywagon, and sheep and lambs and cattle. And so every once in a while we pack up and hit the road.

It works out great. We get to see the world a little. We get to buy and sell and show the critters. And we get to set up the gypsywagon with allthe stuff we make and sell. Yarns, Fibers, Knitting Needles, Books, Dyes, Moth-proofers and more,so you can get a chance to shop in person.

So if you're close to any of our planned events, come on out and see us! We love to actually meet people face to face! Gives reality some reality, if you know what I mean!

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, the first weekend in May.
The Massachusetts Woolcraft Festival, Memorial Day Weekend, 1999.